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The Lieuwe Oceana is a true ‘rider’ board. For the Big Air riders and freestylers, this is a board that exceeds expectations across both disciplines, without compromise – truly a master of all trades that will surely put a smile on your face. Unlike Lieuwe’s flagship board, the Shotgun, the Oceana adopts a squarer outline with minimal taper towards the tips. This allows it to hold more rail contact, the reasoning being that more rail contact means more load resistance which means more height.

The Oceana’s broad outline is complimented by a medium rocker and a generous application of base contouring – all for the development of speed and grip for boosting. The CNC-shaped base features subtle rail channeling and a prominent double concave with a strong center spine. The rail channels add to the grip of the board while loading to take off and the double concave breaks the surface tension of the water on landing, keeping the impact of landing low as well as aligning the board to track perfectly on landing so you can stick them flawlessly every time.

For any rider wanting a do-it-all board, the Oceana applies itself effortlessly to freestyle riding thanks to a moderately stiff, yet smooth, consistent and easily accessible flex response. Its rapid pace takes you quickly into unhooked tricks, ensuring a quick and forceful drive into an explosive pop with generous height. For the rider who wants to ride hard and fast, this board will reward your efforts and see you smiling in all conditions…

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