Lieuwe Rogue 2017

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lieuwe full - Lieuwe Rogue 2017

The Lieuwe Rogue is a custom made twin tip hand crafted in Holland. As some of the bigger brands begin moving their board construction back to Europe we shouldn’t forget that there are a few brands who have been creating well received boards on European shores for a few years now… Lieuwe have been creating boards since 2008 and have been retailing them since 2014 and have developed an increasingly dedicated following on their home shores and beyond. They are also the brand currently working on a board project with the mighty Ruben Lenten – so plenty of kudos there…

They currently have four boards in their main lineup, with the Awesome at the beginner end, the Say No More at the wakestyle end, and the Shotgun and the Rogue in the middle. We had the Rogue 136 on test. First impressions are that this is a really good looking board – we loved the clean wood finish and modern styling and the finish is excellent. Beyond this and the custom made footpads and straps fit supremely. They give a really good locked down feel and offer plenty of support in the right places.

On the water and the Rogue has been designed to be accessible but to offer enough performance to enable you to push yourself and to take your riding up a level. The 42mm rocker line ensures that the Rogue gets going easily, but still soaks up the chop nicely. There is a fine balance to be struck with this kind of board when you are trying to combine accessibility with performance and in terms of how the board rides, the Rogue has it spot on. When it is time to press the ‘performance’ button, the Rogue is a real joy. It held the edge well and popped smoothly. For your first few powered moves this would be ideal but you can also fully load it and it will deliver plenty of pop for more advanced moves. Landings are smooth – the channels soften these – and you don’t need to worry about crunching your knees. Upwind performance is also good, although for a heavier rider you would perhaps want a larger size.

IN A SENTENCE: A great looking board, and a great option if you want an all-round board that will also see you comfortably into the world of top-end tricks…


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