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Lieuwe have a wealth of experience building premium and custom kiteboards. After more than a decade of shaping they are truly masters of their craft and the Say No More is no exception to this. So few brands achieve the clean wood aesthetic that Lieuwe have achieved, and many opt to hide the air pockets and blemishes that can occur in the lamination process by using bold patterned graphics. The Say No More is naked and pure in both its aesthetic and form, and as an indicator of the board quality overall, it is a perfect factory finish. This is a true to form board for wakestyle and freestyle riders, with no holds barred during its build to ensure the optimum performance.

Compared with many wakestyle boards available this season, the outline of the Say No More is unusual as it has adopted a more rounded outline. The centerline of the board extends beyond the rail length, the tips tapering in along a continuous curve that arcs from tip to tip. The board is significantly wider at the mid stance than the tips and, for this shaping, the Say No More sits low in the water with great emphasis on locking the water flow along its impressive base contours to emphasize the board’s potential for pop. An aggressive quad concave forms at the centerline between each of the tips and runs proudly through the length of the board while large channeling takes charge of the impressive rail grip and control the board exudes.

Within the Lieuwe line-up, the Say No More isn’t the fastest or stiffest board, nor should it be. This is a board for kite low, unhooked action, with a raw and generous pop that needs no assistance from an upward flick of the kite. Despite the heavy contouring and strong centerline, the board’s flex is dynamic and extremely easy to load as it locks perfectly into the water to surge the kite forward. A high continuous rocker ensures that the Say No More scoops perfectly upwind with a super clean break off the water and good height to invert, rotate or pass the bar. Landing with the Say No More is a very controlled experience. The v-like spine of the board’s double concave punches the surface as you touch down, softening all impacts, and the combination of high rocker line and plenty of base shaping does a superb job of scrubbing speed when required. Overall, this is a super spritely and playful board for a broad range of riders.

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