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Lieuwe have crafted the Shotgun to be a sophisticated ‘jack of all trades’, performing well in freeride, Big Air and freestyle. This fast board has excellent stability and grip thanks to its single concave, 3D shaped paulownia wood core and deep channels in the tips. It also has a slim stepped rail that allows it to bite hard in the water for lots of rail grip. This step down is used to a greater extent in the tips to increase their flex, keeping the fins perfectly engaged and the ride effortless, controlled and playful, no matter the conditions. The Shotgun’s rail is easy to release and engage for sliding around while also making delightfully smooth heel to toe-side carves on the water.

The Shotgun is a fast board thanks to its flexible and narrow outline, and its medium rocker and flex give it plenty of pop. Its grip allows for progressive loading of the board and a powerful release that will send you soaring. In the air, the lightweight nature of the board makes it easily maneuverable and on your return to earth the medium rocker will soften your landing, allowing for a smooth exit. Boosting is where this board really excels. 

Overall, this is a rewarding board that is both fast and fun for freeride, as well as being able to perform in the freestyle category. If you are a rider who enjoys cruising, boosting and everything in-between, then the Shotgun is the ideal choice to take you to new heights.

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