Liquid Force Focus

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LF focus prof - Liquid Force Focus

The Focus is Liquid Force’s ‘progressive all-rounder’ board and is designed to be accessible, but not limiting. The rocker line is shallow and the Focus has a medium flex pattern. The board also benefits from small channels in the tips to increase speed and grip, and to aid with getting up on the plane early. Liquid Force’s urethane Liquid Rails are in evidence (so no compromises here) and the Focus has additional strips of biax glass for extra strength. For us the straps and pads aren’t the comfiest on the market but they do the job.

As with the whole LF range, the Focus looks great – we have loved their work in the art department this year. On the water and first impressions are that the Focus provides an incredibly smooth and controlled ride with plenty of grip, it’s a really easy and enjoyable board to get going and to cruise around on.

In the chop the Focus absorbs bumps beautifully and doesn’t miss a beat and you can see that this would be a great option for someone moving on from a ‘beginner’ board; it’s easy to ride but doesn’t feel slow at all.

Then for us the biggest surprise with the Focus was the amount of pop you can get from it. This isn’t one of LF’s ‘top-end’ boards but it really does pop like one. You can certainly launch into some big freestyle boosts and power it up for some wakestyle moves with confidence. The other surprise is the price which is very reasonable, and even more surprising when you get it on the water…

COBS Liquid Force Focus - Liquid Force Focus
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