Liquid Force Legacy 2017

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legacy prof - Liquid Force Legacy 2017

The 2017 Liquid Force Legacy brings together the knowledge of one of the most respected shapers of all time – Jimmy Redmon – and one of the most respected riders of all time – Jason Slezak. It is an ongoing project which has seen some great innovations with each new incarnation. For 2017, Jason claims that it is the lightest and most high-performance version yet, and that they have really dialed down the exact flex pattern that they are after with the board.

Feature wise, there are liquid rails, split tips and a clear layup so that you can see through to the wood for a nice looking finish. The Legacy has been designed for all styles of riding – from wakestyle, to rails, to boosting – and on the water the board has a really nice rail-to-rail carve and handles superbly at speed.

For cruising around, the flex is spot on and you can feel the tips taking the edge off the chop and ensuring that the ride is smooth without any real ‘slap’. When it’s time to get down to business, the Legacy has a truly insane amount of pop, and boosting is a lot of fun – you can really belt it along and explode off the water. Then when you decide that it’s time to put on the boots and go for some kite low wake tricks, the Legacy shows that it is really at home – you can really load up the rail and then you get a lovely springy pop and the potential for what you can land is likely to be limited more by your skills than by the board. With those channels the landings are then soft which gives you so much confidence to land at speed and in choppy conditions. Unlike more ‘wakestyle specific’ boards, the Legacy is a really playful ride and if you fancy some surface tricks or pops to blind, the medium rocker gives you confidence to not catch a tip or tail even in sub-prime conditions.

IN A SENTENCE: The Legacy has been a really fruitful collaboration between two legends within the sport, and the latest incarnation continues to do the project immense credit.

Liquid Force Legacy - Liquid Force Legacy 2017
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