Liquid Force WOW 2015/16

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Liquid Force Wow 1 FEATURE - Liquid Force WOW 2015/16

Liquid Force have always had a pretty solid waveriding kite in the form of the Envy. And we know that when it comes to ‘three struts’, LF pretty much wrote the book. So the Wow certainly has the heritage to be a ‘top of class’ kite and it’s great to see LF arrive at the ‘surf kite’ party.

Build wise and the features which saw the rest of the range lose around 25% of their weight are in evidence. Reinforcements are solid but this is still a light kite. Aspect ratio is higher than comparable ‘surf specific’ kites with narrower tips and a less boxy outline.

The first thing that strikes you when you get out into the surf on the Wow is the way it turns. It really spins on its axis. This makes onshore riding a real pleasure… You can snap the kite around, smack the lip and it will spin back around to drive you on to the next section. It sits relatively deep in the window and then just stays there and turns there with no unpredictable or hindering movement.

Drift is also excellent – the kite is light, nimble and genuinely feels like your best friend in the surf.

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