Manera Seafarer Steamer 4/3mm

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Manera seafarer - Manera Seafarer Steamer 4/3mm

Manera created the Seafarer range to offer an uncompromising suit at a more attractive price point. It inherits much of the technology and design input from their higher end offerings, with a full 3D tailored shape. When you hang the suit up, it already makes a human form.

Manera have employed the XD10, S-Foam and Re-flex skin materials found in some of their range-topping suits, which carry the same great flexibility and thermal properties. In our experience, as a bonus it also dries exceptionally quickly. There’s a generous XD10 fleece panel in the chest and rib cage area.

Seaming is triple glued and blind stitched with circles of reinforcing tape at all of the junctions. There’s zero creep of water through the seams as you enter the sea, and the cuffs and ankles feature some rubber strips to help prevent flushing for higher impact sports. The inside of the neck seal features some slick skin to prevent any water entry from the top, and it passed the duck dive test with flying colors.

The front zip entry closes from the inside out, meaning the zip carriage is already engaged so there’s no fumbling around trying to link the zip with cold hands. A small stopper keeps the zip in place once closed and a draw string tightens the gasket down the side of the shoulder, of which the edge has another rubberized seal.

What’s immediately noticeable is how plush, comfortable and flexible the Seafarer is and if you practice a range of ocean sports there’s not going to be one where you feel like you lack mobility wearing it. It’s also going to augment itself easily to a range of body shapes without losing thermal properties as we all know fit is a primary when it comes to wetsuits. Even when saturated, the suit never seems to feel overly heavy.

Manera have hit the nail on the head with the Seafarer range.  It’s a very well featured and high performance multi-sport suit, and you’d be challenged to find anything superior at the price point..

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