Mystic Jayde

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Mystic Jayde - Mystic Jayde

Dutch soft goods warriors Mystic are not people to scrimp on choice when it comes to their ladies’ wetsuit range, with a huge range of options for every weather condition and discipline you can think of. The Jayde sits in the top tier of the suits available, with high stretch and thermal properties, and plenty of wind sports specific features. It’s available in two colorways including a stealth black with minimal logos, or a navy version with a purple tie die print across the left arm and shoulder area if you feel more exuberant, and sizing ranges from XS through to XL.

Entry is via an overhead deployable front-zip system where the zip (YKK of course) fully opens the entry flap overhead making it nice and easy to get on and off if you have broader shoulders or a larger chest. The neck seal is a smooth and pliable slick skin to prevent water ingress here and some screen-printed ribs sit under the entry flap to grip it in place nicely once installed. The cuffs get the same treatment internally to keep the arms of the suit from moving about on your wrists. A popper and small piece of webbing secures the zip carriage which can be tucked in flush and out of the way.

Whilst the majority of the suit has a silky smooth and slightly water-repellent jersey externally, the back panel has a slick skin to keep the wind off your back as well as improve the grip of your harness, an important factor for a wind sports suit. A key pocket also sits on the right-hand ankle, as well as some sewn-in webbing loops which allow some optional Velcro ankle seals to avoid the dreaded elephant leg. Three drain holes per ankle are employed if you do manage to force some water up there. The rear of the knees have some embossed ribs to aid articulation here, on what is already a very flexible suit.

Internally the higher pile Flaremesh fleece sits on the chest and back panels to improve core temperature, then on the sides, rear and hips the closer piled Fox fleece is used. The legs and arms have a smooth internal jersey to promote flexibility in these areas. Yamamoto neoprene has been employed throughout the Jayde with the MX5 high-stretch variety.

Seaming is all glued, blind stitched and taped with a flexible tape system which seems to move well with the material when stretched. We noticed zero seam creep entering the water in a dry suit and internally it was often dry after a kite session, a testament to how well they’ve waterproofed those seams.

The Jayde is an impressive feature-rich wetsuit from Mystic which throws all of their premium materials at an unashamedly high-end suit, as well as plenty of wind sports nods. There is no compromise on stretch and heat here, which is what it’s all about when it comes to the crunch in colder conditions. The easy entry and exit and high levels of stretch will also augment to a massive range of body shapes. For a decent ladies’ winter suit with all the bells and whistles, with longevity built in as standard, look no further.

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