Mystic Jayde

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Mystic Jayde - Mystic Jayde

Mystic have developed the Jayde as their top-end, no compromises women’s wetsuit line, and working with their formidable line of female riders with the likes of Bruna Kajiya and Karlie Thoma, it’s no surprises they’ve produced something spectacular. We tested the 3/2mm, but the suit also comes in 4/3 and 5/4 versions depending on your season or water temperature.

From a build perspective there’s plenty to talk about with the Jayde. First off, it’s fully blindstitched, avoiding the use of liquid seams which have a nasty habit of failing in the long term. Internally, every seam is taped, making the suit waterproof so there’s none of that nasty creep when you first get in.

The eco-friendly Yamamoto neoprene is exceptionally soft and supple, augmenting to a wide range of body shapes without stressing the seams. Even with my relatively broad shoulders, this makes the front-zip entry easy to get in and out of without having to request help from a passerby on the beach and risk accusations of flirting. The full overhead final closure has a slick-skin neck seal and a horizontal YKK zip. The carriage is secured in its final resting place by a stopper on a rubber tab which stayed in place well. Aesthetically, the suit has a brightly colored tie-dye arm and detailing, which add a stylish and feminine touch.

Two types of internal fleece are implemented in separate areas inside the suit. A denser Flaremesh+ sits on the chest, front thigh and back panel, which feels great against the skin. Complementing this is a high pile Fox Fleece which makes up the side panels and rear. In our testing, both these materials are fast drying and extremely flexible. A slick-skin neoprene panel sits above the waist and across the shoulders and is an intelligent placement for some wind proofing, particularly for a suit with kitesurfing in mind.

In the all-important leg region, the features continue, with embossed neoprene on the rear of the knee to aid articulation and generous anti wear patches on the front, which we found great for wingfoiling. A key pouch with a small elastic retainer sits on the right shin. The ankles are designed with potential high-speed crashes in mind with removable Velcro ankle straps and well-placed drain holes to avoid any elephant leg situations.

The Jayde is undoubtedly a high-end, full-featured suit with a detailed build made from well-curated materials. It is superbly flexible, and the internal fleece combination, along with the taped seams, makes it very cozy compared to a more basic 3/2mm suit we’re used to.

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