Mystic Majestic Front Zip 5/4

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Mystic Majestic - Mystic Majestic Front Zip 5/4

As winter starts to take its frigid grip on the northern hemisphere, water sports enthusiasts reach for the thicker neoprene, and Dutch soft good stalwarts Mystic have produced a high-end product range to well and truly mitigate the cold water problem in the form of the Majestic range, which is amongst their premium offerings.

The build is intricate, and crammed full of subtle, yet useful features. Entry and exit is an easy affair with a decent-sized aperture with a grip to help locate the overlap. The internal surface of the neck seal is slick skin, helping to prevent water ingress. An elastic drawstring is present to help seal in the front zip flap, which is also fringed with more slick skin. A YKK zip handles the final closure, zipping outside to inside and the carriage tucks neatly out of the way. The knee panels are formed with a hard wearing and grippy external surface which will fare well across a range of water sports, and a key pocket with an elastic retaining loop is tucked in the right shin. The cuffs have some grippy seams inside to help grip to your wrists and prevent movement here, which is noticeable on a heavy wipeout. The ankle cuffs have removable Velcro closures to prevent flushing, which is important for a suit if it’s used for faster wind sports, but if you do manage to fill it up, there’s some ankle drains which gently piddle any unwanted water out promptly.

Materials-wise, it’s all top-end choices, with Yamamoto MX4 neoprene throughout which is generously deep and has excellent flex properties to help augment the fit to a range of body shapes, as well as allowing you to retain a decent range of physical flexibility. Seaming is intelligently placed to not interfere with your joint articulation, and the rear of the knees are embossed to help the material fold at this critical juncture. There’s also no seaming around the waist area, again important to keep harness use as comfortable as possible. Internally, they’ve gone all out on the Flaremesh+ fleece on the mid sections encapsulating the chest and back panels. The material has a luxurious deep pile which feels great against the skin and seems to dry fairly rapidly and not take on loads of water, increasing weight. Internally they’ve utilized stretch tape on all inner seams to help banish water ingress, and externally the suit has a sturdy blind stitch, which will give the suit far more potential longevity than liquid seams.

Mystic have absolutely smashed it with this premium offering, it’s flexible, warm and practical to get on and off. Its stealth-like external simplicity belies the amount of tech hidden within the build. The design features are optimized towards wind sports as you’d expect, but it’s not to be underestimated as a high-end surf suit where its high level of flexibility in the shoulders shines.

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