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Over the past few seasons Naish have made a number of great improvements to their premium crossover board, the Motion, giving a forgiving and more comfortable ride yet still allowing you to progress and develop your skills. To help create that smoother ride, you’ll notice the translucent, chevron-esque cutouts in the tips of the Motion, which replace the stiffer wood core translating to more isolated flex in the tips. You will instantly feel this really helping to smooth out any choppy surface and forgive a little more on those landings. 

Keeping the triple exponential concave and freeride rocker from previous years, the Motion keeps its excellent acceleration and responsive flex. The fatter outline shape in the corners helps you to load up more by keeping more contact with the water. To keep the fins engaged they sit on a reinforced angled platform giving you loads of grip. The Motion has a medium flex giving it great ability to suck up that choppy shudder, and it cuts through the water cleanly and efficiently; comfort wasn’t compromised for the sake of performance when this board was made. Having an easy load-up and heaps of rail grip as you cleanly carve upwind before takeoff, means the lighter rider will really be able to take advantage of what the Motion has to offer. The Drive would be a better option for heavier or more aggressive riders with its stiffer flex giving you a more excitable performance and pop to utilize.

The Motion will give the intermediate rider the confidence to push further and progress, especially with the smooth ride and chop absorbing flex tips making it ever easier to catch those sketchy landings. If that wasn’t enough it feels even easier to slash nice tight carves. Those flex tips coupled with beveled edging keep you locked in so you can ride and carve waves at speed, without feeling disconnected. Altogether, with visually nice looking design, the Motion gives great versatility for the lighter rider wanting to progress from freeride to freestyle but still allowing you to have great fun carving chop.

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