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Naish Pivot Nvision  - Naish Pivot Nvision

If you’ve been on the lookout for a reliable three-strut, all-around kite over the past 10 years, the Naish Pivot has undoubtedly been a top contender on your wish list. The Pivot stands as an undisputed icon, holding the prestigious position of Naish’s flagship for nearly a decade and clinching the King of the Air title two consecutive times! Now, entering the stage, the latest evolution: the Naish Pivot Nvision.

Embarking on a groundbreaking journey, Naish introduces a completely new range, pushing the boundaries of innovation through cutting-edge designs, materials and engineering. The Naish Pivot Nvision marks the brand’s inaugural use of Aluula material in their kite lineup. For those not versed in kite geek lingo, Aluula is a revolutionary material replacing standard Dacron on the airframe, slashing the weight by almost half, and simultaneously enhancing the frame’s rigidity. This new material has allowed Naish to achieve a thinner leading edge and struts, along with a profile adjustment impossible with standard Dacron. Retaining the renowned Quadtex 4×4 weave canopy, this kite ensures longevity without compromising its high-performance characteristics. Additionally, strategically positioned reinforcements solidify its status as one of the most durable premium kites on the market. The outcome? Naish presents their lightest kite to date. Comparing it to other Aluula kites, the Pivot Nvision may not claim the title of the absolute lightest, but it distinguishes itself as one of the most robust kites in the market. The kite’s bridle has undergone a significant transformation, replaced by a thinner counterpart that not only improves aerodynamics and reduces drag in the air but also facilitates water relaunches.

Wrapping up our delve into kite construction, the Nvision range boasts the latest Aluula stitching and seam technology, leaving behind the complexities of stitching Aluula kites in the past. This ensures repairs are as simple, easy and the same cost as for standard Dacron kites.

As the kite takes flight, the distinctive Pivot DNA is immediately evident. While the design has been completely overhauled to accommodate Aluula, the Pivot Nvision retains the cherished familiarity of its Dacron sibling. With a slightly heightened speed, the kite provides a very controlled and responsive experience. Tested in varying wind conditions, from the low end to the high end, the kite consistently delivers impressive performance, ensuring a comfortable ride regardless of the wind’s strength or gustiness.

A big standout feature is its rigidity. The Aluula airframe, significantly stiffer than standard Dacron, allows the kite to maintain its shape even in the most challenging windy conditions, resulting in a more responsive, crisp and playful flying experience. For riders with advanced skills, it’s noteworthy that executing kiteloops provides a refined experience characterized by a gentle pull and controlled slack. This not only adds a touch of finesse to kiteloops but also makes it visually stunning while positioning the kite low. On the flip side, for those in the early stages of mastering additional elements like rotations within their kiteloops, the learning curve becomes a bit more challenging, but good news is that the kite will unfailingly catch you back, offering a sense of security throughout the process. For WOO enthusiasts, this kite is sure to elevate your jumps to new heights. Unlocking its full potential may require a few sessions, but in our first session with a 9m and winds at around 30 knots, we effortlessly achieved an impressive 23.7 meters.

In the realm of foiling, its lighter weight marks a significant enhancement compared to standard kites. Furthermore, its drift capabilities contribute to its adaptability if you want to head out in the waves.

In conclusion, the Naish Pivot Nvision stands as an exceptional choice for those seeking a versatile do-it-all kite. However, with the incorporation of Aluula and a nod to Big Air trends, the emphasis has shifted towards Big Air enthusiasts. While still performing well in waves and foiling, the Pivot Nvision excels in delivering heightened performance for Big Air and freeriding.

Naish Pivot Nvision - Naish Pivot Nvision
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