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Fresh to the 2021 collection, the Nobile Gamechanger is a board dedicated to freestylers and wakestylers. Its sintered base makes it durable enough to handle sliders, and a wakestyle rocker combined with deep channeling inset far from the rail to create large flat sections, makes the board ideal to be pressed flat for control on sliders.

To keep the mid-section grippy on the water, the Nobile has a subtle double concave which runs into multiple deep channels. This double concave runs tip-to-tip becoming more prominent as it extends away from the midline. This gives you a great deal of grip when loading to pop and ensures you can dial in your landings without any worry of skidding out, meaning no compromising on directional stability, speed and control on water. While the Gamechanger is not the fastest in Nobile’s line-up, it is certainly not a slow cruiser. It develops pace easily and held ground well despite its rocker.

The continuous high rocker line eats chop, and the stiff flex, reinforced by carbon weave and triaxial glass laminates, returns a powerful pop. The easily accessible pace lends itself well to the board’s pop, and with a quick pump downwind and an aggressive stomp of the back foot, it rewards you with a clean release off the water and good height into your trick. Compared to more intermediate boards in Nobile’s line-up such as the NHP, it takes moderate effort to load the Gamechanger, but when done maximally, you get back what you put into it, giving you some impressive pop to do with as you please. When it came to ‘big surprises’ in the Ultimate Test #3, the Gamechanger was right up there!

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