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Nobile Horizon - Nobile Horizon

For 2024, Nobile is expanding its current lineup with the introduction of the Horizon model, marking the brand’s venture into a new premium range focused on quality and top-tier design. The Horizon kite boasts a medium aspect ratio and features a three-strut design, aimed at providing versatility for riders ranging from beginners to advanced levels.

Manufactured in one of the industry’s most renowned facilities, the Nobile Horizon is meticulously crafted using top-of-the-line materials. Employing traditional elements, the kite is fortified with high-grade Dacron for enhanced stiffness in its leading edge and struts, ensuring structural integrity. Its canopy, made with a 3×3 yarn ripstop fabric, promises exceptional durability over time. Noteworthy are the Kevlar reinforcements are strategically integrated into key areas, showcasing meticulous attention to detail that rivals other premium brands.

Offering three different options for the steering lines, the Horizon allows riders to tailor their experience with varying levels of speed and bar pressure. For beginners, the middle or slowest setting may be preferred, with even this option offering manageable bar pressure. Designed with kite schools and novice riders in mind, the Horizon excels in ease of use and facilitates smooth progression. This kite flies toward the window’s edge and consequently, maneuvering it requires a slightly heavier input on the bar, making it particularly well-suited for beginners and kite schools. Even in stronger winds, you typically won’t experience the sensation of being overpowered with this kite when sheeted out, but there is plenty of power on tap when keeping the bar pulled. The way the Horizon smoothly releases power is confidence inspiring and will ensure that you won’t feel intimidated by it – another big ‘plus’ in the beginner/school realm.

Notably, its relaunch capabilities stand out, effortlessly recovering from crashes even in unconventional positions. Predictability and smooth power delivery characterize its performance, accompanied by excellent depower during gusts and effortless upwind riding.

As a freeride kite, the Horizon ticks all the boxes, delivering simplicity, power, decent depower and easy water relaunch. However, its capabilities extend beyond the basics, as it demonstrates impressive jumping ability and hang time in stronger winds, appealing to freeriders seeking to take their riding to the next level.

In summary, the Nobile Horizon proves to be a compelling choice for those seeking their first kite or a reliable option for enjoying freeride sessions. With a competitive price point, it offers great value for money, providing riders with a feature-rich kite that excels across various skill levels and conditions.

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