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Nobile’s premium asymmetric freeride/freestyle crossover board, the NHP Carbon, impressed us immediately with its exceptional drive and upwind reach. Utilizing its hydrodynamic rocker and hybrid concave shape which features a tip-to-tip double concave alongside an elliptical concave in the boards center, the NHP Pro is early planing with tons of speed on tap and effortless edging. Adopting the same outline as the rest of the NHP range, the pro has slim stepped continuous rails which wrap around the boards outline leading to heavily tapered tips on the toeside.

The design of this board allows it to roll from heel to toeside effortlessly, whilst keeping a great amount of grip; you’ll find that the carbon version stiffens the flex, which makes holding toeside even easier. If riding strapless is a goal then you’ll enjoy this board. It is as close to the surfboard feeling you’ll get when whipping around with speed into tight turns, whilst giving you the grip needed to continue your ride. If you’ve tried a carbon board, you’ll note the difference in stiffness when you ride, and this board is no different. The slim rails on the board do slide through the water well, but with all the energy loaded into this board you’ll need to expect a little early feedback as you speed through chop – a small compromise!

Although the NHP’s Carbon weight is only slightly lighter than the other boards in their range, it does feel lighter when in the air; however our favorite part of this board is its flex response. When loading into a jump, you can feel the power building and it holds it exceptionally well before rebounding you explosively off the water with a satisfyingly snappy pop; it’s a lot of fun.

If fast pace and aggressive riding is your style then you’ll really enjoy how the NHP Carbon compliments your ride, but if comfort and easy going riding is your preferred, choose the standard construction.

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