Nobile NHP Carbon Split

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Nobile NHP - Nobile NHP Carbon Split

Evolution of a sport can only be gifted to those who are willing to think differently, to those who stray from what everyone else is doing. The evocative Polish brand, Nobile has earned its name by not following the usual rules. It has challenged the mainstream brands by creating standout products that go blow to blow with some of the biggest names in our sport. The NHP Carbon Split board is definitely one of those products that has made waves in the industry.

The NHP Carbon Split borrows the most advanced technology from Nobile’s premium freeride board, the NHP Carbon – the only difference is the Split – it comes apart in two pieces and packs down into a travel friendly version that can fit into your regular hold luggage, allowing you to travel with no extra hassle or cost. It seems that all the airlines are cracking down on the so called “golf bag” leaving most international flights with extra unwanted fees.

It took us less than five minutes to assemble the board; the simple “W” connection is incredibly effective allowing for a seamless join. Nobile has made the assembly process even simpler by making it completely tool free. The “W” connection uses two stainless steel rods that secure the board together, whilst the IFS Next pads as well as the G10 40mm fins are secured by a clever technology called “Click’N’Go”. These screws have a little flip lever that allow them to be hand tightened making the board completely tool free.

On the water the NHP Carbon Split embraces everything freeride; Nobile took a research-driven approach whilst designing their iconic Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape. DAS understands that the anatomical pivot point of the human foot is not centered, and tailors the rail of the board to optimize performance. The asymmetrical outline enhances upwind performance on the heel side whilst maximizing the ability to load the board to generate explosive pop. The toeside rail embraces the sensitivity needed to ride on the toeside by crafting an outline with a curved radius, increasing the carving potential whilst making it an overall more comfortable ride.

We tested the 139 x 42 and it is clear why it’s the most advanced carbon split board on the market. The board features a Hydrodynamic Rocker that allows for an aggressive fast-paced riding style that is made possible by directing the flow of water resulting in less drag. We were surprised by how quickly the board accelerated; no matter the water conditions the board had impressive speed, knifing its way through current and chop.

Do not underestimate the abilities built into this split board. The 2023 NHP Carbon Split board offers a truly outstanding freeride experience no matter your level of riding. The NHP Carbon Split is perfect for the travel-obsessed rider in us all. The split construction offers almost no negative impacts on the performance whilst bringing a bag full of travel-friendly benefits that will change the way you view your kite holidays in the future. A board designed to embrace the free spirited nature of our sport whilst delivering a high performance freeride experience.

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