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Nobile NHP - Nobile NHP

We recently had the opportunity to put the latest Nobile NHP through its paces. As the flagship model from Nobile in recent years, this board encapsulates all the cutting-edge technologies and premium features that Nobile has to offer. Nobile takes pride in producing their boards in their own factory, with a strong emphasis on eco-friendly manufacturing practices aimed at reducing the environmental impact.

Around two decades ago, Nobile pioneered the introduction of snowboard sandwich construction technology into kiteboard manufacturing. While nowadays the term “gamechanger” is often tossed around lightly, the writer of these lines vividly recalls the groundbreaking experience of testing Nobile’s first kiteboard model, a 126cm board whose name has faded from memory but whose impact on the industry was undeniable. Since that moment, Nobile revolutionized the kiteboarding industry.

The latest iteration of the NHP comes in sizes 136, 139, and 142. Upon initial inspection, the board showcases a flat area at the tips transitioning smoothly into a concave center. The NHP boasts a construction featuring wood core, carbon and Kevlar, enhancing its edge grip and minimizing vibrations resulting in a smooth ride. A closer look reveals the rocker profile, designed to optimize speed and acceleration without sacrificing control.

Setting up the board for the first time, or after travel, is super easy thanks to the Click'N'Go fins which can be installed without a screwdriver, and the pads and footstraps offer similar convenience. The board comes equipped with 55mm fins, but riders seeking an even more playful experience on flat water can experiment with smaller fins.

Once in the water, the reduced weight of the NHP compared to other kiteboards becomes apparent. The comfortable footstraps offer various size and position adjustments, though they may not be ideal for children or those with small feet. Our tests across various wind and sea conditions revealed that the NHP excels in flat water, providing ample grip and effortless upwind performance. Riders seeking a more playful experience on flat water may prefer the smaller fin set while those encountering mixed sea conditions may opt for the 55mm or 40mm fins. The board glides smoothly through the water, absorbing vibrations even in the worst choppy conditions to create a surprisingly flat feel. Despite its light weight, the board offers impressive pop and maneuverability with smooth transitions and landings thanks to its ample grip.

Even for beginners fresh from lessons, the 142x43cm board proves to be an excellent choice, aiding in upwind riding and facilitating easy retrieval with its distinctive orange fins and handle.

As for who should consider this board, perhaps it’s easier to rephrase the question as: who shouldn’t? Dedicated Big Air riders and wakestylers may find the NHP less suited to their specific needs. However, for the vast majority of riders, the NHP delivers unparalleled versatility and performance across all conditions, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable session for both rider and knees alike.

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