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Nobile feat - NOBILE PRO 2HD

For 2015, Nobile have an impressive amount of technology in their twin tips and the 2HD has the following headline features: Double hydrodynamic rocker, elliptical progressive concave, complete anti-vibration technology, honeycomb, woodcore, and Triaxx. With all this technology in the board it’s easy to see that Nobile are at the top of their game with their board construction methods, and their high end multi-discipline factory is the reason for this.

New for 2015, the Click’N’Go IFS pads and straps package is exceptionally comfortable and gives a really solid connection. The pads are also equipped with shock absorbing chambers to help with the impact from heavy landings. And the great thing about their whole interface is that you don’t need a screwdriver as the pads, straps and fins are all equipped with a simple finger screw system. Genius.

The Pro 2HD has been specifically designed as a fast and efficient freeride board. We tested the board in a couple of different environments. Firstly in choppy onshore conditions, where we found that the 2HD width really came into it's own – giving us that extra drive to get upwind and away from the beach. This upwind performance is also assisted by the elliptical progressive concave which helps to pop the board onto the plain very early. The only issue we had whilst riding in choppy conditions was a little bit of face spray but this was to be expected as the board is really designed for flatter conditions, and Nobile have other boards in the range that would suit this style of riding slightly better.

In terms of handling we found that the 2HD carved really smoothly, and handled the power in the carve superbly. This is due to its well balanced flex pattern. This flex pattern and use of the correct materials gives the 2HP a very smooth and fast ‘freeride’ feel. We then put the 2HD through its paces with some boosting and results were very good – great pop and release and again the concave in the base really helped to give us a controlled landing, whilst in the air we found that the Nobile 2HD was light and if you do fancy some old school board off tricks you would have no issues flipping the 2HD around.

We also tested it in flat, non-choppy conditions, and this was where it really came to life… It tracks upwind superbly and effortlessly and you can see from the water release from the rail that Nobile have the hip of the board spot on. Overall this is a very smooth and fast board, but don’t be put off by the fact Nobile have pitched it as a freeride board, as the 2HD has immense amounts of pop in the flat water and would do a seasoned freestyler just as well…

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