Nobile PRO 50/Fifty

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nobile board 50 2 FEATURE - Nobile PRO 50/Fifty

This is Nobile’s top-end freestyle board and the choice of many of their team riders. With carbon reinforcements between the inserts it is designed to be ridden hard, fast and probably booted.

We had the 134 on test. First impressions were that this is an extremely fast board that can handle a lot of power without breaking out. The extra layer of carbon did give a hard ride in the choppy conditions, but this was to be expected. The upwind performance (which is very good) is assisted by the elliptical progressive concave, which helps to pop the board onto the plane very early.

The Pro 50/Fifty really comes into its own though when you start to think about some serious boosting. There is incredible pop and we found we could get some massive air with this board. It also gave the confidence to come in to land a little hot knowing it could handle it and let you ride away…

The Pro 50/Fifty was also at home doing powered un-hooked tricks and for its size it produced a lot of pop – we didn’t expect such explosive pop from a 134, normally this would be found in slightly larger boards. So, overall a very impressive board that will suit the more advanced rider looking for big air and/or top-end freestyle.

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