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The Atmos Hybrid continues its role as North’s intermediate freeride and Big Air board. It has a parallel outline more usually used on freestyle boards, however to keep it loose and quick carving, it tapers at the tips which also helps to reduce spray as you charge at the next kicker shaped piece of chop.

The Atmos utilizes a thin rail and subtle single concave running tip-to-tip for a brilliant edge bite into the water. The excellent rail grip, which feels effortlessly connected, drives forward with ease and this translates into its great upwind ability too. When you are loading for pop you stay planted, with good feedback, thanks to the quad channels in the tips. The medium rocker, which runs the whole length of the board, allows effective load up and release. Part of what gives the Atmos a direct and positive feel when loading it up, is the combination of the regular E-glass layering and additional unidirectional carbon tape. This feature also reinforces its longitudinal flex pattern.

When not being loaded or on its edge, The Atmos has a playful and loose feel, making it easy to slide around. This can be good fun when you want it but can require more attention on position when touching down from any airborne fun. To best ride out cleanly, The Atmos needs pressure on the back foot and a downwind aimed landing. If you are after a low-speed unhooked pop board it would be better to check out something wider and more channeled and freestyle specialized. For freeride, Big Air and hooked-in tricks The Atmos would be the one, requiring some speed to make the best of its pop ability, which is perfect for its freeride position in the North Range. Overall a truly great board for anyone wanting to progress their freeriding or get into Big Air.

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