North Evo

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north evo 1 FEATURE - North Evo

The last couple of years have seen the consolidation of a new breed of ‘super-freeride’ kites. These kites are accessible and versatile but don’t be fooled by the ‘freeride’ tag as these kites mean business and the re-emergence of the world of ‘Big Air’ has given them some new-found kudos.

The Evo slots very comfortably into this category. It’s five struts keep things rock solid and response is immediate. Turning is reactive and relatively pivotal. Boosting is whatever you want it to be: edge hard, sheet in and you are going up, up and away… But if you want a mellower experience this is an ‘easy to read’ kite for learning your first jumps and loops.

For us the big surprise for the Evo is in the waves. Particularly in the smaller sizes it is a nice snappy kite and for onshore conditions or for strapless trickery, its ‘refined’ control really works in your favor.

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