North Jaime 2018

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jaime prof - North Jaime 2018

A board that needs no introduction (okay go on then): the Jaime is a legendary board and arguably the first twin tip in the ‘new construction’ to get traction in the mainstream market back in the early 2000s… In those early days it introduced a whole new world of pop, performance and durability to the market and blew minds the world over. The fact that North still have it in the range and that it continues to have that ‘all round performance’ ethos says a lot about its heritage. It is also one of their best sellers…

The Jaime is a board best ridden with straps, and it has the North track system which enables you to really fine tune your set up. For us the NTT straps and pads are high quality and are currently clear contenders for the best pad and strap set on the market. Graphics are subtle and clean, and will appeal to a broad range of riders… There is now a “Quattro V Bottom” and the Jaime has a medium flex pattern. As with the Team Series and the Hadlow boards, for 2018 the Jaime has a carbon beam running through it – this has enabled a weight reduction of around 10% while still retaining the flex and responsiveness.

On the water, the Jamie feels fast and locked in, and handles the chop with relative ease. It doesn’t hurt your knees and the medium rocker means that upwind the Jaime holds its line well, and really glides through the chop. Rail-to-rail, the Jaime has superb grip and carves nicely, giving you confidence to crank some big turns and leave some spray. But don’t let that fool you: the Jaime still offers explosive pop and – with the wide tips – it gives you the ability to really load up and throw some big tricks. For riders just trying their first few jumps, the Jaime gives you a great feel for how to load and pop, and the landings are also super-forgiving, with the quad channels breaking the water and giving you a nice smooth touch down. The Jaime is a board that really suits 90% of freestyle or freeride kiters looking to try some pop tricks or just go boosting. It is a really refined ride and – if we are 100% honest – probably the kind of board that a lot of guys currently riding pro-level twin tips should be on…

In a sentence: The Jaime is a very well-rounded twin tip that will leave you stoked in most conditions and continues to do the Jaime name justice.

TheKiteMag 23 North - North Jaime 2018
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