2016 North Vegas: Hadlow Edition

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North vegas h thumb - 2016 North Vegas: Hadlow Edition

The North Vegas Hadlow Edition is the standard Vegas flown on the Hadlow 6 line attachments, so that it can be used with the wakestyle bar. We had this bar on the test, it is a full 10cms shorter than the standard bar for the diehard wakestylers amongst you and boasts upgraded features such as a PU center line to stop the fingers being destroyed when passing the bar, and to give it extra strength when you need to trust your bar hucking mega loops.

The Iron Heart safety system continues to set the standard for safety and the fact that it hasn’t needed any major tweaks for the last couple of seasons shows that it really does just work very effectively.

For us, flying the Vegas is really all about the setup, it is super important that you set the 5th line up with the correct tension – set it right and you will have an incredibly smooth and stable kite, which is also fast through the air and through the turns. But – as you would expect – it is when you unhook that the Vegas really comes alive… There is just an insane amount of pop – delivered like it’s on steroids – and ample slack line for your passes, but the most impressive thing with the Vegas is that it’s super stable unhooked and you really can just get on with throwing down some killer tricks without worrying about the kite. This is great for intermediate to advanced riders looking to progress their riding – you really don’t have to have Hadlow as a surname to get the most out of this year’s Vegas. It is an amazingly accessible kite.

Jumping and hang time is also there in abundance and if you have kite skills there is still plenty to be said for C kites boosting the best – the Vegas takes you up with plenty of thrust and holds you up there, although if you are focusing on boosted freestyle you should probably look at the standard bar.

Overall we commend North on producing this kite to accommodate both Aaron Hadlow and the rest of the world’s kiters. If you ever wanted to fly C kites, give it a try – you will be surprised at how easy the world’s best kiter’s kite is to use!

North Vegas Hadlow COB - 2016 North Vegas: Hadlow Edition
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