Ozone Edge V8

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edge v8red FEATURE - Ozone Edge V8

When it comes to top-end performance kites, few have the kind of pedigree of the Edge. Into its eighth year, it is the kite that keeps on giving…

Construction is top-end with Teijin D2 and Teijin Dacron and the Edge has been tuned over the years to keep it at the top of its game. Although foil kites are becoming ‘de rigueur’ at the front of the fleet (and, yes, Ozone are up there in this department as well) the V8 is accessible for racing and for breezier conditions and still ticks the Big Air and Freeride boxes which was our focus…

The first thing we noticed was how incredibly stable the Edge is, you really know where it is all the time. It just sits solidly above soaking up any gusts, without any hint of overflying. We were surprised at how powerful it feels, with the new Teijin D2 there is no ‘sponginess’ and the Edge is stiff and responsive. When it comes to boosting and hangtime, the V8 is nothing short of incredible. There is so much lift in the Edge you can literally come to a stop for a transition, pull the bar down and get enough height without sending the kite to put in a rotation! How many kites do that nowadays?!

The Edge is very well tuned and one thing Ozone have always had spot on is their trim… You can depower all their kites and they will maintain the same feel, which is an exceptional quality and shows refined kite design.

Riding the Edge we had our eyes opened again to what draws people into kiteboarding. Boosting, hangtime and just pure fun – this kite blew us away and we didn’t want to give it back…

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