Peter Lynn Escape V5

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PLescape PROF - Peter Lynn Escape V5

Sometimes it feel like ‘blink and you miss it’ with kites. Amazingly the Escape is on to V5 and it is interesting to see how it has evolved over the last five years. It entered the range as a more ‘freeride/wave’ focused kite yet it has now evolved into a more freestyle focused beast. We were pretty surprised when it featured at this year’s KOTA but were maybe a little more surprised when we got the news that Luis Alberto Cruz has signed with the brand – this is the guy who blew the doors off the competitive side of the sport when his final trick of the event in Cabarete saw him overtake the best in the world and seal the win. So, if you hadn’t taken notice of the Escape before, now is the time…

For V5 Peter Lynn have further improved the construction of the kite with the primary aim of ensuring that the airflow over the kite is as smooth as it can be. With their vast experience in building efficient ‘non LEI’ kites, their objective is to try and bring this efficiency and smoothness to their kitesurfing range. So there are subtle changes such as the Dacron patches on the LE being stitched inside so they do not disrupt airflow, and their ‘clean camber’ which keeps the airflow smooth, reduces fluttering and removes the need for any Dacron on the trailing edge.

In the air the kite immediately feels light and responsive. For turning, the square tips and other design features provide a very nimble feeling and – for looping – it delivers more grunt than you would expect. All round freestyler performance is excellent – you can develop plenty of tension in the lines and it then provides plenty of slack line to get your rotations in. Unhooked and it flies nicely with no surprises and for boosting you can pull on the bar and there’s a steady lift and plenty of support when you are in the air. So it is a great freestyle kite – but also not the kind of kite that a beginner or intermediate would be uncomfortable riding as the power delivery is smooth and it behaves pretty intuitively…

In a sentence: Definitely one of the surprise packages of 2016/17, the Escape is a very fun kite to fly (which we knew) but can now also add ‘solid freestyle option’ to its list of assets.

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