Prolimit Pure Vapor

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Prolimit Pure Vapor - Prolimit Pure Vapor

Well-established Dutch soft goods goliath Prolimit have created a full-featured high-end ladies harness with the Pure Vapor. It’s a semi-rigid hardbacked harness, but features a generous amount of interior padding with some grippy EVA centered around the small of the back, and grip pattern on the wings of the harness seem to keep the harness well placed both on skin and neoprene. The Pure material featured on the harness is a new innovation that is fully recyclable and resin free.

From a flexibility perspective the Vapor sits exactly in the middle of what’s available; there’s some controlled torsional flex, which helps spread the load comfortably across your back when your body is contorted, when riding blind for instance. The low profile rear shell fits well into the small of the back and has a sensible amount of padding above and below the shell which provides comfort without feeling excessively bulky. Entry and exit is a simple affair with a red pin release on the left of the spreader bar. The bar pad is from quite a tough injection molded EVA, and has rigid wings which integrate into the waist belt, firming things up nicely. The leashing options are well placed, with a sturdy stainless front point built into the spreader bar keeping it neat and tidy. At the rear there’s also a full handlepass setup that is removable if you are more of a minimalist.

In an occasionally neglected market segment, Prolimit have thrown all the technology and top end materials into the Pure Vapor, which combines into a comfortable and supportive harness that molds well to the female form. It balances support, rigidity, weight and flexibility well and aesthetically manages to look both feminine and technical.

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