RRD Bliss V3

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This is the third incarnation of the Bliss series and is pitched as an all-round freeride option designed to keep the kiteboarding masses smiling, and with no pretensions to being on the top of the podium.

For V3 the Bliss has been entirely reworked, with a completely new outline and with some striking new bottom channels to improve grip and give a drivier feel. Graphics are slightly toned down compared to some of the other RRD options with a pretty mellow stripy pattern on the bottom. The new RADPADs are awesome and incredibly comfortable with heaps of adjustability, a great development.

On the water and what you first appreciate with the Bliss V3 is the incredible smoothness: it just eats up the chop without any slapping or face spraying, giving you a comfortable ride in all conditions. The channels really contribute to the feel of the board and enable you to ride at speed without worrying about it skipping out.

As you would expect the flex is generous compared to a more hardcore board, but when you do feel like loading up the rail and throwing down some pop tricks the Bliss is keen: it’s not a pop monster but it gives plenty enough for the kiter who might be venturing into the world of kite low freestyle. For us this placed the Bliss more into the ‘all round’ than the 100% freeride category.

The medium flex and use of channels also means that you can take comfort knowing that the Bliss will deliver a soft controlled landing to ease the stress on the knees. And we found it a very forgiving board for landing – definitely helping you out in those 50/50 moments.

So this board will suit freestylers looking for a comfortable ride in varied conditions, with a little bit of Italian flair that will ensure it stands out from the crowd.

RRD Bliss COB V3 - RRD Bliss V3
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