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RRD Booster - RRD Booster

Exciting news from RRD: they’ve just launched their latest twintip, the Booster, a brand-new, fully dedicated design for Big Air and freeride enthusiasts seeking a light high-performance board that can handle all kind of conditions.

Upon unpacking the board, our initial surprise was its remarkable lightness. RRD has employed their premium LTD construction for this board, featuring a biaxial carbon layer on the top and bottom, combined with cutting-edge materials, resulting in a thin yet durable layout. The bottom of the board boasts multiple channels, complemented by 5cm angled fins, enhancing grip and upwind performance across all conditions. While taste is subjective, we couldn’t help but admire how stunning the carbon fiber layout looks on this board.

We tested the board with RRD Rad Pads, a fully adjustable four-point strap system, allowing full customization to suit different rider preferences. Additionally, the option for heel cushions with various densities further enhances comfort and performance. Perfecting the setup took us a few sessions, but once dialed in to our preferences, the comfort and grip were undeniable.

During testing sessions in various conditions, including flat water, choppy conditions and using waves as kickers, the board’s stiffness – typical of a carbon-focused Big Air board – was noticeable, but it didn’t compromise comfort. Its substantial grip ensured excellent control even at high speeds, crucial for executing big jumps. The double rocker edge near the tips enhanced grip, allowing us to hold the edge longer for more explosive and vertical take-offs. Despite its stiffness, the board’s lightness made rotations effortless, while the shaped rails in the center facilitated grabbing the board during board-off tricks. Surprisingly, landings were well-cushioned, with the board absorbing most of the impact, ensuring controlled landings even at high speeds after kiteloops.

On flat water, the board performs superbly, offering exceptional edge lock and full control at all times, which was expected just by looking at it out of the water. However, the real surprise came in choppy waters. While we anticipated a more pronounced rebound sensation from the board, its shape and comfortable pads pleasantly surprised us. Jumping was very impressive, thanks to the board’s ability to maintain a locked position even in challenging choppy conditions, and particularly on landings it truly saved us from potential crashes.

But does the Booster also cater to freeriders seeking fun? Absolutely. The Booster offers a fast, lively and dynamic ride, making upwind riding relatively easy and providing overall comfort, control and enjoyment. Whether you’re a dedicated Big Air enthusiast or a freerider, this board ticks all the boxes, boasting a super-light carbon construction and ample grip in all conditions.

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