RRD Emotion MK3

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emotion prof - RRD Emotion MK3

The Emotion has been in the RRD line up for a few years now and – until now – was a strutless kite. We had enjoyed riding it but we were pleased to see that for this latest version the Emotion has added a strut. Other features on the Emotion MK3 include Double Dacron strut reinforcements and additional Kevlar reinforcements on the end of the struts, and an improved Quick Air Flow Valve. We flew the Emotion MK3 on the new Global V8 bar which is a solid evolution of the Global and with the Rigid Thread lines which are a joy to run out and do give a perceptibly more plugged in feel to the kite.

On the water and we flew the Emotion MK3 in a range of conditions. In one session we took the 8m out in around 12 knots of wind which increased over the course of a few minutes to around 30 knots! And we still had a good session – which gives the best illustration of the fact that the Emotion MK3 really is a very versatile kite and the days of this genre of kite being just a lightwind option are long gone… Riding the Emotion MK3 underpowered and the low end is excellent with plenty of grunt, and you can easily get away with riding it a size smaller – potentially two. Then, unlike the strutless versions of the Emotion (and other strutless kites) you can fly the Emotion MK3 quite aggressively – it is a responsive kite and especially in the surf you can throw it around as you would a three strut kite.

For drifting, the lighter weight also makes the Emotion a superb kite to fly in prime surf conditions and you can sheet out completely without worrying about it getting out of line. The top end was also very impressive – the Emotion MK3 doesn’t mind being stacked. Or at least no more than any other kite… We had the depower fully on with the 8m and the kite still handled it and you didn’t feel like you were back in 2002 hanging on to a Wipika FreeAir!

Then, for foiling, the Emotion MK3 will deliver exactly the kind of light feel and controllable power that you need. In fact, if you are just riding a foil and in the waves then it might just be that you could add a couple of Emotion MK3’s to your quiver and get away without much else…

In a sentence: The Emotion MK3 is very stable with fantastic wind range, great low end, manageable top end, and overall is a very well-balanced and well-engineered kite.

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