RRD Passion 2017

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rrd passion prof - RRD Passion 2017

RRD have been very busy with their recent launch and – unlike previous years – they have dropped a lot of kit in one go for 2017 (and all with the swish new RRD logo). The Passion has been one of their headline launches and has had a major revisit for MK8. The most obvious change is the reduction in struts, with the Passion now having three struts where previously it had five.

Other modifications include increased reinforcements on the leading edge and a new 2-pully set up on the bridle. Overall – as with much of the rest of the range – the design is a little more understated than previous years but our test team really liked the aesthetics of the Passion.

In the air and the Passion has an immediate ‘freeride’ feel to it. It is very stable and movement is predictable. Power delivery is smooth with the bridle delivering a massive amount of depower. To power up you need to pull the bar in quite a long way but the power delivery is then very smooth and progressive.

For beginners and intermediate riders the Passion would be a real confidence builder. The Passion is not restricted to this market though because – once you get it going – it provides a genuinely fun and exciting ride. You can really generate some speed and then it offers some serious boosting potential. You wouldn’t want to go hucking any megaloops but if you want to load up, release, and sheet in then you can get some serious airtime… There’s a lot of lift and plenty of float.

For waveriding the depower is a real asset and you could enjoy riding the Passion in most conditions, drift is also surprisingly good so you could enjoy riding the Passion in most surf conditions as well.

In a sentence: The Passion is a very ‘fun’ kite to ride. Very accessible but with some performance characteristics – especially in the boosting department…

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