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The RRD Poison has been designed with Big Air at the top of its priority list. The board maintains impressive rail contact, thanks to its squarer outline with slight inwards tapering towards the tips. Its strong yet slim tapered rail bites into the water, allowing you to load up against the kite and hold down some impressive resistance, even when overpowered. This is coupled with its three staged medium rocker that allows you to power upwind and force your kite to the edge of the window on take-off. This all combines to give you the ability to load up hard, take off vertically and reach some impressive heights.

 The Poison is CNC-shaped to progressively thin from the midstance towards the tips. It does this quite abruptly outside the foot stance in a staggered form. This, in combination with the staggered rocker and added carbon, all contribute towards the boosting goal. On return to earth, the moderate flex, created by the receding core at the tips, supports the landing and helps to smooth the ride through choppy conditions.  

When playing on the water, the board has strong directional stability while still allowing some wider carving ability. 

The base of the Poison has adopted a triple staggered channel through the central section of the board on each rail. This runs into concave-less platform throughout the rest of the board. This set-up makes the Poison a dream for holding an edge in overpowered conditions but makes the board trickier to perform tight carves and play on the water. When returning from a lofty jump the channels offer strong directional stability, which stops you from skipping out. However, you must be precise with your downwind landing direction to avoid getting too much feedback, as the channels will bite instantly into the water and lock in a heavy landing. If you’re looking for a little more versatility and comfort, the Bliss may be the one for you. 

Overall, the Poison has been designed to give astounding grip. It allows you to fully utilize your kite power by locking you in and gives you the confidence to send it. If boosting is your goal and you’ve locked in your landings, this board will not disappoint. 

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