RRD Poison LTD V6

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Version 6 of RRD’s Poison LTD has stayed true to its roots and developed and improved on the features which have ensured it has a solid fan base and varied range of uses. The CNC’d wood core with unidirectional carbon stringers and biaxial carbon laminate has a stiff flex which is paired with a medium rocker to maintain plenty of speed as you ride. V6 has kept its delayed curve rail outline. The broad parallel outline of the board holds its width throughout the majority of the rail, tapering quite heavily towards the tips. This focus upon maximizing rail contact gives the LTD its great upwind performance while the dramatic taper reduces tip width and ensures minimal spray. The Poison LTD slices through chop with rail grip which is unparalleled by many of its competitors. The combination of a slim, continuous 5mm rail and a generous single concave ensure you feel comfortably locked into your edge and confident as you dial into its impressive development of speed with no vibration or unwanted feedback. With so much speed on tap, rail grip, and responsive flex, you have the recipe for a boosting board. Focusing on the importance of a strong release off the water, RRD have utilized a swallow cut tip shape which allows you to leverage the board more and stomp harder into the pop for a solid boost as you set your eyes on Big Air. What is particularly enjoyable about the Poison LTD is that it is spritely but not untamable in rough water conditions. Overall, the board feels light and playful underfoot but doesn’t buck at the first sign of chop.

In ‘real world conditions’ far from the turquoise, butter flat waters of product shoots, the Poison is a strong and reliable performer. This is a very encouraging board for the progressing freestyle rider as it loads smoothly and progressively without much effort and rewards you with an impressive pop. In a lineup of freestyle boards, the LTD wouldn’t have the largest rocker, and in the landings you can feel this. Your landings will be stable and easy with the ample width of the board supporting you, but due to the rocker it does not offer a super-soft landing. The Rad Pad footstraps which come with the LTD are favorites of the test team. They are very durable and arrive pre-assembled so all you have to do is choose your preferred density of the two heel insert options and adjust your strap size and you’ll be out on the water long before your mates can say ‘cross-threaded screw’. The connection to the board is again simple and efficient, as the micro adjustment on the pads combined with the carbon reinforced track system on the board allow for maximum stance options.

In a sentence: If you’re after a very well-constructed board that rewards the effort that you put in, in a range of disciplines and conditions, then the Poison is the board for you.

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