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poison prof - RRD POISON V4

As with a lot of RRD kit for 2017, there have been a few changes to the Poison V4. For starters the graphics are in tune with the changes made across the rest of the range, so they are a bit more low key and for us RRD have one of the coolest looking line ups this year. Flip it over and ‘the eye’ is still there, and is looking even spookier and more defined than ever. Nice to see they didn’t let that go. Aside from the graphics, the Poison V4 has some significant changes in the design department – particularly in terms of the outline. There is now a super-straight mid-section before the board tapers out to the tips which are narrower than we have seen on previous versions of the Poison. Market wise and the Poison V4 is aimed at the ‘competent’ end but with forgiving features for those of us who don’t get to session flat lagoons day in day out…

We tested the Poison V4 in some typically choppy UK conditions and found that it was an exceptionally smooth ride. This was to be expected but what surprised us was the amount of speed that we could generate. You can really push on the mid-section and the board powers upwind with the more forgiving tips sucking up the chop. For jumping you can really hold that stiffer midsection which gives you a fantastic edge to work with – you can load up for ages and it will just hold and hold! Then when you pull the trigger the Poison V4 gives a really snappy release – also aided by the swept tips, which act like a spring board. We found the pop was great, although if you wanted a little bit more bang for your buck then you could look at the carbon LTD version, but for most riders the Poison V4 will keep you happy. Another benefit of the V4’s new tip design can be found if you want to just lay down some flowing carves or to chuck it around in the windswell – it’s hard to catch an edge and you can really get a nice flow going and kick up plenty of spray.

IN A SENTENCE: The Poison V4 has implemented a few bold new changes – for us these have worked out really well and if you want a board that you can really push in the freestyle department but still has some solid freeride characteristics then it’s hard to fault it…

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