RRD Salerosa V4

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rrd prof - RRD Salerosa V4

The Salerosa returns to the core of the RRD line up for V4. The surfboard range has slimmed down a little over the last couple of seasons so when it comes to high performance ‘pointy’ boards in the RRD range you now have the Maquina, Barracuda (which is designed more for strapped riding) and the Salerosa. The Salerosa began its life in the RRD range with more of a focus on the world of onshore and ‘subprime’ conditions but has now evolved into more of a ‘do it all’ option. In terms of the shape, the entry point is relatively narrow with the board widening in the middle third and holding this width through to a wider ‘squared swallow tail’. There is a deep single concave and relatively thin rails and the Salerosa rides on a quad set up. The Salerosa is available in ‘Classic PU’ construction or in ‘LTD’ construction. We tested the LTD version. This is built around an EPS core which is then laminated with glass and then wrapped in a carbon net. There are also bamboo reinforcements on the deck.

Overall the Salerosa looks like a pretty serious waveriding machine, thankfully we were testing it in Mauritius so we had the chance to test its credentials in serious waves! We rode the 5’10 and the 6’0 and the first things we would say is that we would suggest picking a board a size up from what you would usually ride – we’d normally take a 5’10 but found the 6’0 the better option (at around 80kg and 6’0 in height). The Salerosa is an interesting combination as it has a pretty serious outline, but the wider tail and the quad set up give you plenty of stability and hold and enable you to develop your skills. So although the board might feel a little narrow when you are cruising around, as soon as you drop into a wave, it all clicks together and you immediately feel locked in and 100% confident in the board. The single concave then delivers a whole lot of speed and you can put your foot down and gun it down the line. When it comes to turns, we found it best when we drew these out a bit, then you get a nice direct line up the face and can really drive it back off the lip. Then for weaker sections or for lumpier surf, the width in the tail provides enough float to carry you through sections and to keep your momentum up when you need to.

In a sentence: The Salerosa is a fun board to rip around and then provides a super-stable platform for snappy quad performance riding for those days when it really does turn on…

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