RRD Style V2

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The “Style V2” is RRD’s top-drawer freestyle offering. There is a whole lot of ‘tech’ at work, with plenty of carbon bringing the weight way down… The core is CNC Laminar woodcore with a honeycomb mid-section and reduced weight polycarbonate side walls. Lamination is with pre–preg Dynacarbon hi-modulus carbon fiber and a full carbon bottom.

The first thing that we noted about the Style is that the stance setting is slightly wider than normal and this, coupled with the deep concave, makes it a great option to ride with boots. You can tell as soon as you pick it up that the build quality is exceptional. On the water and the Style V2 really comes alive and scored well in all categories – the medium rocker gives the board great range and when riding in light winds and through lulls it has superb control.

The flex pattern is spot on and the Style V2 absorbs the chop and provides butter-soft landings, plus it offers a lot of forgiveness if you don’t land perfectly. There is excellent control due to its deep concave, and it tracks upwind really well.

Overall a great board for pros, but also a good all-rounder board for any level of riders. Smooth, great pop, and a very light and stable board that will keep you out on the water until after the sun’s gone down.

RRD Style v2 - RRD Style V2
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