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Slingshot have a reputation that proceeds them for sturdy kiteboards. The Formula is something completely different, with the focus on weight saving and snappy response. Everything is screaming high-end manufacturing on the Formula. Build-wise we’re looking at a paulownia wood core with a high modulus carbon layup; a Textreme carbon stringer also runs the entire length of the board, which provides a definite feast for the eyes. Shape-wise, there is a gentle taper into the tips of the outline combined with a gentle rocker with an elegant continuous curve. A fairly deep double concave runs the entire length of the board with a subtle spine dividing the board across its width. The rails are manufactured in a single injection molded shot, rather than pieced out of ABS. The foot strap inserts even sit on high strength carbon load spreaders under the laminate.

In the water, the Formula feels immediately lively and responsive and builds speed fast. To say it is easy and predictable to load and pop against would be a huge understatement. You can literally set your watch by the pop response, which is generous. It stores power well through the tip. Swing weight is obviously featherlight for a 140, and your rotations may take a little retiming if you’re used to a heavier board. That tapered outline carves an excellent high-speed corner. Landings are smoothed out very well, it is particularly noticeable in chop how little vibration occurs. The high amount of speed and grip available combined with the low deck weight lend itself well to Big Air. 

The Formula is a triumph for Slingshot and combines their notable shaping lineage in a lightweight product far more in line with their European competitors. It feels like something high-end and perhaps even a little custom, and is a step in the right direction from a design perspective. For high power strapped freeriding and Big Air, it is an absolute weapon. 

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