SU-2 Prorider TM, EcoLine Construction

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su2 prof - SU-2 Prorider TM, EcoLine Construction

The SU-2 Prorider EcoLine was an exciting board to un-box and one that really caught our eye. SU-2 have thought about the environmental effect that producing kiteboards has and have gone hard out on reducing this impact, and now offer all of their boards in their new EcoLine construction. This is the most ‘eco’ board that we have tested in the mag and for us it looked very impressive. Their aim was to create a board that has “got all of the virtues of modern produced kiteboards but is also eco-friendly in all aspects”. And there are clearly massive challenges in producing such an ecologically friendly board that still looks good, but SU-2 have managed to build the EcoLine using 80% bio materials, and have also used epoxy resin with 40% vegetables based solvents. So they have gone as eco as they think it is possible to go with current materials… But: how does it ride? That’s the all-important question we wanted to answer!

The Prorider EcoLine has super thin rails and a rounded outline and it looks like the kind of board that is going to be very fun and playful to ride. Then there is a relatively deep single concave which we expected to give the Prorider EcoLine some fantastic speed and the ability to get planing nice and early. As soon as we hit the water our expectations were pretty much met; the board is fast and playful, and we found that it rode upwind exceptionally well due to the well thought out base profiling. The weight of the board also helped it iron out any chop which it just flew over it with ease. With the Prorider Ecoline’s primarily wood construction it’s not going to be the stiffest out there, so it’s not going to be a hardcore freestyle board – but it’s not designed to be. That said it really does hold an edge well and it does create some superb pop for boosting. We were super impressed, and it’s so light that you don’t even know it’s on your feet. We really enjoyed riding this board and feel that it would be well suited to an all-round freerider who likes to boost, cruise, carve some waves, and who also want to sleep better at night knowing they’ve made the right kind of environmental choices!

In a sentence: The Prorider EcoLine is a playful and incredibly fun board to ride – it’s freeride cruising at its best but also with the potential for some solid boosting too.

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