Ultimate Test #3

The Ultimate Test sees the latest equipment tested 'back to back' to find the true winners when it comes to kite equipment. With a test team with many years of experience in riding, teaching, designing or repairing equipment, we find the very best products each season as well as checking out the quality of materials and construction.

This is definitely the kitesurfing test that matters. Enjoy...

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The Evo is a long established kite, firmly placed in the competitive performance all-rounder category in the Duotone range. This year it has the application of new SLS materials giving an overall weight saving of 15% on the standard Evo, extending the raw low end and promoting early stable flying. Ralf Grösel has redesigned the

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F-ONE made a great decision when they split their long-established Bandit range by discipline and developed last year’s surf-specific Bandit S. It produced a more focused product that has been well received by wave purists and strapless freestylers alike. F-ONE have never a brand to stand still with regards to their product development; the next

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The Mono is back for 2021, the proven single-strut platform focusing on ease of use, early flying and pure simplicity. This year materials-wise all the inflatable tubes are made from LITE Dacron, which has a wider check pattern, alongside the proven Trinity TX canopy material that is used widely across the Duotone range. Wingtip bungees

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The F-ONE mono-strut staple Breeze reaches its third version. With F-ONE a brand with such an extensive and successful hydrofoil range, it would be daft not to have an exceptionally capable lightwind kite like the Breeze.  The Breeze has had some light fettling from the V2 in the subtle and incremental way F-ONE tend to

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