Wainman Rabbit 3.0 Smoke 9

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smoke thumb - Wainman Rabbit 3.0 Smoke 9

The Rabbit has had a reboot. The kite has kept its philosophy of being a true all-rounder (especially for riders who really know how to get the most out of a kite), and has made a couple of obvious changes – there is now a one pump (The RAF Rabbit Air Flow!) and the graphics have been changed up – as well as making some subtler refinements to the profile.

On the water and the outcome is a kite that remains very well balanced and versatile and delivers plenty in the hangtime department as well as being very responsive and having all of the things you need to really get down to business in the waves. You can really place the Smoke where you need it to be and it is a really fun kite to fly.
The Wainman guys have clearly worked very hard to ensure that this kite really can do it all. It delivers plenty in all departments and whether you want to boost super big or have a nice drifty down-the-line session it’ll be happy to oblige. It also seems to somehow leave you with a bit of a smile on your face – it’s just an enjoyable kite to fly.

The wind range remains pretty incredible – you can ride this 9m in 15 through to 30 knots and it’ll still be happy. There are few other kites where you think that a 2 kite quiver really would cover all conditions. As with the previous Rabbit this is also a tweaker’s dream with a whole heap of set up options for you to drill into until you find your perfect set up – it really is worth exploring these as the smallest of tweaks produces big results. We’d always advise exploring your tuning options but with an ‘all round’ kite like the Rabbit this makes even more sense…

The ‘carrot stick’ bar has had a refresh and the safety system has been modified addressing one of the weaknesses in the previous version – it’s now a functional and effective bar and still has probably the most effective front line swivel on the market. Other brands take note.

Overall the Rabbit 3.0 keeps all of its impressive performance characteristics and adds a few well thought out refinements…

Wainman Rabbit 3 COB - Wainman Rabbit 3.0 Smoke 9
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