The Dakhla setup consists of an enormous 45km long lagoon that runs parallel to the Atlantic Ocean, providing a perfect and never-ending kitesurfing playground, and surrounded by staggering scenery too. The wind is super consistent, the water is warm and flat and there’s plenty of room for everyone amongst the handful of kite camps that dot the edges. And with well over 300 windy, sunny days year round, it’s a safe option when booking your next kiting vacation whether you’re new to kitesurfing or an addict. You’re guaranteed to have an awe-inspiring experience in this boardsports paradise.


The Dakhla peninsula extends down the side of the lagoon, ending in the entrance to the Atlantic Ocean, over 40km to the south. During high tide, there is a shallow, standing range that extends up to 300m out into the lagoon, with very flat water, making it a very accessible and safe place to ride. Safety boats from the various centers are often chugging around, and there’s always space to go play by yourself should you want to.

There are also a few wave spots on the coast nearby, including the epic Pointe D’Or, which does require an off-road vehicle to access – something many of the kite camps can arrange. It’s the perfect place to have fun and make the most of the Atlantic’s epic waves. Although there is less in the way of wind at the wave spots, it can be chillier so a 4/3 or 3/2 wettie is advised.


Wind is in no short supply in Dakhla, with an average of 320 days of the year hitting 15-22 knots, thanks to the trade winds that blow between the Canaries and Cape Verde. Mid-March until October is high season, with winds peaking through July and August, ranging from 19-30 knots, with the strongest winds generally around lunchtime. On the coast, swells kick in from the end of October and run consistently through to March.

Heat-wise, it’s warm all year round, between 20-30C. But this is the edge of the desert so nights can get a little chilly and it is best to dress for it.


If the waves aren’t playing ball, then there are plenty of other activities on offer, most centers offer a wide variety of non-wind-based fun including fishing, SUPing, taking a tour of Dakhla town or discovering deserted beaches on horseback. A 4×4 day excursion to the desert allows you to soak up a region oozing tradition and spectacular scenery that’s as beautiful as it is vast. See the mysterious saltwater lakes full of small fish, climb the famous White Dune and experience the therapeutic Asma hot spring.

Getting There

Royal Air Maroc is the predominant carrier into Dakhla Airport, and low cost flights are available from the UK, Germany, Switzerland and elsewhere across Europe. Flight times vary depending on transfers, but you’re generally looking at 6-8 hours from Europe. Then the drive to the lagoon is around 30 minutes.

Kite Options

Bring a nice and safe 9 and a 12…

Which Wetsuit?

November to April – something long. May to October – boardies, tee and sun cream, or a shortie for longer sessions.


€5 / $5.80 / £4.50

Typical Dinner

Refuel on Moroccan salads, fish, tagines, pastillas and couscous, the dinner of Champion kiters!

Late Night

Dakhla is all about the kiting. If big nights out are on your agenda this is no Tarifa, though all the kite centers have bars which stay open pretty late and some have themed nights.

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