No Rush is not just a catchy name or statement – it’s our lifestyle. Let yourself soak in the experience just like you soak those full of vitamin D sunrays. We are dedicated to kiteboarding and welcome you with open arms to share the knowledge of this art.

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The C Shape of Keros bay, make it a perfect safe place to learn kiteboarding or take your progression to the next level. Its size offers a variety from flat waters in the north side to medium waves in the south. No Rush Kite Club is situated in the lower half, where you will find the best wind consistency with a bump and jump playground. The island also offers a large variety of activities, best appreciated after a great kiteboarding session! And the preserved Greek culture and cuisine – a cherry on top for any worthy kite trip.

Kiting Set Up

The Meltemi winds usually start from June and can hold all the way to October. At No Rush Kite Club, you will find the most stoked vibes, chillest crew and best wind consistency. Cross onshore winds, shallow sandbanks near the shore, dedicated beginner area, no rocks, no sea urchins. Winds pick up in the morning and ease out in the afternoon.

When is best to go?

The Greek summer season begins as early as mid May, hitting its peak from June to late August. Early in the season, the winds are lighter and more suitable for freestyle or getting back in shape after the winter. In high season, it’s usually around 20-25 knots with softer and stronger hours. The autumn season is when you want to aim for if you are interested in stormier conditions with regular 25-35 knots forecasts.

No wind?

As an adventurer the island is full of amazing places to visit, dozens of beaches to choose from and side activities to satisfy your hunger for exploration. The lack of mass tourism plays a huge role in the preservation of genuine surf vibes, cultural and natural heritage and unspoiled landscapes. Ask us for a suggestion and take out your notepad, because you’ll be in for a treat.

Getting There

You can choose to fly to our local airport (LXS) or take one of the daily ferries from Kavala or Thessaloniki.

Kite Options

8 or 9 is the most used size here. A 12 for freestyle or light wind. For the strong winds – 5,6,7 depending on how you ride.

Which Wetsuit?

May to mid June – 4/3 or a 3/2 long. A 2/2 for the summer is ideal or even just bikini/boardshorts. 4/3 for Autumn .


From 1.2€ in the shop to 5€ at the beach.

Typical Dinner

10€ should be enough for a gyros and a beer, but with 25€ you would enjoy most restaurants.

Late Night

Usually enjoyed with a lovely company in a local tavern or a beach party. For clubbing, you can visit Mirina (the main city on the other side of the island).

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