Famously known as “The Tarifa of Latino America”, it’s here you can escape the crowds and mass tourism, and find yourself surrounded by rare tropical desert scenery and dusty cacti-fringed roads in lieu of mega resorts.

This spot offers breathtaking downwinders, warm water all year round, and is the perfect location for those looking for a chilled back vibe and time to sit back and enjoy the sunset.
The Baja's season is from October until the end of April. Early in the season the winds are light and pick up after lunch. In autumn, wind is pretty much guaranteed, with La Ventana benefiting from the reliable El Norte winds, giving an ample 16-25 knots. Then from January there can be some strong side-onshore wind, allowing for some fun wave action!
This location has the perfect conditions to learn kiteboarding. Professional kiters and founders of Nomad Kitesurf, José Hita and Jessika Macotela, offer the latest gear and dedicate themselves to deliver you the best coaching, helping you reach your goals!

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