Prokite Alby Rondina – Sicily

Perfectly placed in the middle of the Mediterranean, Sicily's steady annual wind, warm air and sea temperatures have lured kiters here for years. Not to mention the beautiful landscape, rich cuisine and architectural heritage. The resort of Lo Stagnone is positioned on the shores of a large, sandy and shallow flat-water lagoon, part of a very picturesque nature reserve. It’s ideal for learners and advanced riders too, with a multitude of little islands on the farther reaches of the lagoon, and plenty of scope for exploring the salt pans and salina walls.  

Prokite Alby Rondina is the main kite school in La Stagnone which is situated halfway between the cities of Marsala and Trapani (the latter having the closest airport). Enjoy this spot all year round due to the reliable wind conditions that blow across the 12 km long lagoon. Find a beginner friendly launching and landing area, right next to the school. In Between sessions, recharge in the welcoming shade and grab a bite to eat at the Peahi BeachClub.Sunset sessions here are the best; kite into the evening while listening to the band playing ashore.

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