At Temple Point Resort we offer “Just Go and Kite”- Carefree Service. We take care of all the boring stuff from the second you arrive: Safely store your kite equipment in the Resort with 24/7 security. We bring and set up all your kites & gear when you arrive at the kite spot, pack up your gear and bring it all safely back to storage. You can have a drink as we wash and dry all your equipment after every session and clean, dry, fold and neatly pack your gear ready for departure. 

Safety: We offer boat support and rescue either from partners or the hotel kite-boat as well as first aid kits on the beach, an emergency phone, and transport at hand.

Beach assistance: Our staff and our partners makes sure that there is always someone available to help with: launching & landing kites (tube and foil), give you local knowledge and information about the kitespot, help with tangled lines, switching boards or kites, and anything else needed.

Kite shop & repair: We have kite clothes, reef-safe sun protection and zinc sticks as well as kite parts and repair service options. Our two partners sell Duotone and Slingshot gear in their shops.

Food & Drink on the kite spots: Some kite spots have restaurants and bars and some don't. But don't worry, we’ve got you covered as we make sure you always get cold drinks, fruit, fresh coconut, and snacks no matter where you kite!


A paradise of white sand on the Indian Ocean, Watamu stretches along miles of pristine beach with crystal clear and warm water all year round. This combination of long sandy beach plus consistent wind makes Watamu an ideal kite spot for beginners or experienced kiters. The reef surrounding the lagoon, located 300-500m from the shore, forms excellent small kickers and two to three meter high waves when the summer swell is right. Depending on the state of the tide, you can expect flat to slightly choppy water conditions. There are some large sandbars inside the lagoon creating a flat-water oasis. Watamu works great in both wind seasons with consistent cross onshore wind but if you like a bit of an easy wave, this spot has your name on it. The main kite spots can be found south of Watamu Village where our center is located. If you are an independent rider and want to run away from the crowds (not that there are many as the lagoon is just enormous), you can find many spots between Malindi and Watamu where you can enjoy kiting paradise with no one else around.


We provide gear storage in the resort with 24/7 security, and will transport, set up and pack away all your gear, including drying and packing for departure. We offer beach assistance with launching and landing kites, local advice about the spot, boat support and rescue, help with tangled lines, switching boards or kites, and anything else needed. We have a kite shop selling spare parts, kite clothes and reef-safe sun protection, plus a repair service. Our two partners sell Duotone and Slingshot gear in their shops. We also have you covered for cold drinks, fruit, fresh coconut and snacks!


There are two wind seasons in Watamu: the Kaskazi season (December to May), when the wind blows from the northeast at about 20 to 25 knots, starting early in the morning; and the Kuzi season (June to September), when the wind blows from the southeast at 25 to 30 knots or more. With Kenya being at the equator, these winds tend to be extremely consistent, with the Kaskazi being slightly more reliable, and the Kuzi bringing the biggest waves.


Go on Safari! World-famous day or weekend safari trips leave Watamu daily as Tsavo National Park (Kenya’s largest game reserve) is only a two-hour drive away. The Arabuko Sokoke forest has a watering hole within a 15-minute drive from the center of town where forest elephants regularly drink. Also, you’ll find incredible diving and deep sea fishing, or you can visit UNESCO historical ruins, the local turtle rehabilitation center, or snake park, or do sundowner dhow cruises on Mida creek. Wakeboarding, SUP, snorkeling and sailing are also fantastic options on windless days.

Getting There

Malindi is the nearest airport (25-minute drive) which you can transit from Nairobi on Kenya Airways, Jambojet, Fly 540 or AirKenya. Collection from Malindi can be easily organized. An alternative could be a flight to Mombasa and then a scenic two-hour drive to Watamu. No need to hire a car as there are loads of tuk-tuks that will take you to the different kite spots along the bay. Be cautious of the motorbike taxis as they have been known to be a bit reckless with their driving and no helmets are provided. If you do want to hire a car for trips further afield, then you are looking at 20 to 30 USD per day.

Kite Options

For an 80kg rider your chosen kite sizes would be a 9m and 12m which you would get equal use of.

Which Wetsuit?

Boardies/bikini in December to May, maybe a light wetsuit in June to September.


Beer costs around 3 USD.

Typical Dinner

Swahili dishes (chicken, beans, samosas) and of course fresh fish and seafood!

Late Night

Watamu is often described as a quaint little fishing village with a drinking problem! Best place to hang out is our bar over the water, LichtHaus. There are other bars and two nightclubs where you can dance until the early hours. Don’t miss Fridays at Ocean Sports, Saturday cocktail happy hour at Pili Pan, and Saturday night at Papa Remo where a beach party goes all night until sunrise. There are also some quieter spots where you can enjoy cocktails and catch the sunset.

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