The Action Cruise runs catamaran kite and sail adventures of 1 week to 10 days to kite, foil and wing from a sailing catamaran in some of the best and secluded spots and islands in Greece, Sardinia and the Caribbean.  The catamarans are 45 to 50 ft, with three crew members on board, with safety boat for rescue and assistance. Onboard you will have access to the latest North Kiteboarding gear, three crew members taking care of sailing, navigation, kiting assistance and food. We will take pictures with pro camera and drone videos for you. The Action Cruise offers beginner and intermediate lessons and coaching with radio communication and videos analysis, as well as downwinders to secluded kite spots. In case of no wind days, The Action Cruise also offers wake foiling training and SUPs. Safety first without forgetting adventure and exploration. 

Can you summarize what you do?

We run kite and sail camps to kite, foil and wing from a sailing catamaran in some of the best spots in the world in Greece, Sardinia, the Grenadines, Antigua and the Bahamas. We give our members the possibility to do these water sports in unbelievable conditions, away from the crowds in unconventional and secluded spots that cannot be reached by land, thanks to the logistical benefits of staying on a sailing catamaran. We offer downwinders and will take you to secluded kite spots. Safety first without forgetting adventure and exploration. There are three crew members onboard, the captain, a kite instructor and a chef. We use 45 to 50 ft catamarans, with safety boat for rescue and assistance. Onboard we have the latest North Kiteboarding gear. We will take pictures with pro camera and drone videos for you. We also offer wakefoiling training and SUPs on lightwind days.

Where are you based and when were you established?

We are based in Greece (Cyclades Islands), Sardinia, the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda and Bahamas (Exumas Islands). The Action Cruise was founded in 2015 by a group of friends who are passionate about the sea, sailing and kiting.

Where are most of your clients from?

We are an Italian Sportive Association and our camps are open for our members. Anyone can request membership and we will evaluate admission according to your level and experience. Our members who join us on board are 30% from Italy and 70% from the rest of the world.

How long have you and your team been kiting?

The team is composed of IKO kite instructors, sailing instructors and passionate adventurers. We’ve been kiting since around 2012 and sailing for many years before that. We are also passionate skiers and outdoor lovers, and now foilers and wingfoilers. One crew member is also a passionate food enthusiast as well as kiter.

What makes you special compared to other kiting businesses?

What kiters joining us say is that they feel passion and enthusiasm in what we do. I think this happens because we set The Action Cruise’s activities, not as a business, but as our private spare time and adventure would be organized. We do the best as we dreamed it when we started with this adventure. For this reason the atmosphere on board is real and we are able to transmit the same passion and enthusiasm to the kiters on board with us.

Can you talk us through some special moments from your most recent trip/season?

We’ve just come back from our camp in the Grenadines – two catamarans were sailing and kiting, foiling and winging there during December and January. From Martinique we sailed to the Grenadines and hit up spots in Union island, Tobago Cays and many other islands and secret spots. It was an incredible experience with perfect kiting conditions, in a wild environment, finding secluded spots where we were kiting almost alone. Great progress both for beginners and experts.

Anything special lined up for the next few months?

The dates for our camps over the 2023 summer season in Sardinia and Greece are now up on our website. Greece dates are available throughout July and August, and Sardinia is available from the middle of May for a few weeks, and then again at the end of September to the middle of October. We are waiting for you all to join us on board.

And why should our readers choose to spend their hard earned money with you?!

Being on a catamaran, we can move easily, following the wind and the best conditions so you can kite every day and enhance your skill level, including understanding how to launch and land the kite from the catamaran. The downwinders from island to island following the catamaran are epic, and knowing there is a rescue boat for safety is reassuring. Living and sleeping on the boat with all the gear stored onboard minimizes logistic time and maximizes kiting time. If your readers are looking for a unique experience far away from the crowd, with very good kiting conditions led by a passionate team, their money will be well spent with us.

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