The Action Cruise

The Action Cruise runs catamaran kite and sail adventures of 1 week to 10 days to kite, foil and wing from a sailing catamaran in some of the best and secluded spots and islands in Greece, Sardinia and the Caribbean.  The catamarans are 45 to 50 ft, with three crew members on board, with safety boat for rescue and assistance. Onboard you will have access to the latest North Kiteboarding gear, three crew members taking care of sailing, navigation, kiting assistance and food. We will take pictures with pro camera and drone videos for you. The Action Cruise offers beginner and intermediate lessons and coaching with radio communication and videos analysis, as well as downwinders to secluded kite spots. In case of no wind days, The Action Cruise also offers wake foiling training and SUPs. Safety first without forgetting adventure and exploration. 

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