Kitesurfing holidays in Europe

Europe offers every type of kitesurfing and – for our Europe based readers – can provide you with those ultimate sessions within a few hours travel time. Whether you’re kitesurfing Greece’s idyllic beaches, Portugal’s lagoons or Ireland’s legendary surf, you can find exactly what you are looking for, and for our European readers you don’t need to go long haul to get there…

Prokite Alby Rondina – Sicily

Perfectly placed in the middle of the Mediterranean, Sicily's steady annual wind, warm air and sea temperatures have lured kiters here for years. Not to mention the beautiful landscape, rich cuisine and architectural heritage. The resort of Lo Stagnone is positioned on the shores of a large, sandy and shallow flat-water lagoon, part of a very picturesque nature reserve. It’s ideal for learners and advanced riders too, with a multitude of little islands on the farther reaches of the lagoon, and plenty of scope for exploring the salt pans and salina walls.  

Prokite Alby Rondina is the main kite school in La Stagnone which is situated halfway between the cities of Marsala and Trapani (the latter having the closest airport). Enjoy this spot all year round due to the reliable wind conditions that blow across the 12 km long lagoon. Find a beginner friendly launching and landing area, right next to the school. In Between sessions, recharge in the welcoming shade and grab a bite to eat at the Peahi BeachClub.Sunset sessions here are the best; kite into the evening while listening to the band playing ashore.

Prokite Alby Rondina Sicily 2 - Prokite Alby Rondina - Sicily

My Way – Portugal

Portugal is legendary for the Atlantic surf that hits the Western shores. The strong winds and glamour sunshine equals kitesurf heaven, if this isn’t on your bucket list, then it should be. This diverse, beautiful landscape allows you to ride in harmony with nature and experience conditions to suit whatever your mood. Outdoor lovers will appreciate the historic and cultural elements of the local town and close community.

This super versatile spot offers endless sandy beaches and powerful Atlantic waves, while across the promontory lies one of Europe's largest flatwater lagoons stretching to 75km and the strong tidal current makes for even more variety. Carve your route downwind, through a flamboyance of flamingos in the summer and even dolphins if you’re lucky. MyWay attracts people from all over the world and ensures the best quality and safety. Several experienced guides are on hand and motorboats lead guests through the labyrinth of waterways and large open spaces.

MyWay’s base is located directly at the water of the lagoon, within a beautiful park and small harbour with amenities such as tennis, football and basketball courts as well as a CrossFit parkour and open-air gym.

My Way Portugal 5 - My Way - Portugal
My Way Portugal 3 - My Way - Portugal
My Way Portugal 4 - My Way - Portugal

Wet Skillz Kite Center – Greece

Wet Skillz is not an ordinary watersport centre. What describes us is the professionalism and the community which we have created through the kite camps we organised for 7 years now. We are all kiters and we all know how a kite trip should be. It’s all about the community, meeting new like minded people from all over the world. Laid back atmosphere, the charming housing and the handpicked activities is what makes our camps so unique. 

The centre offers a private beach only for the centre users, kite and wingfoil lessons for all the levels with radio communication by IKO certified instructions, gear rental, storage, supervision and rescue boat, outdoor gym, kite shade, snacks and drinks on the spot and a small kite shop. 

Off the water, enjoy a stay in a stone farmhouse in the most scenic area of the valley, dinner nights in the best local tavernas with all the crew, SUP cave excursions, yoga classes by the beach and private sailing trip to Symi island. 

Wet Skillz Greece 2 - Wet Skillz Kite Center - Greece
Wet Skillz Greece 3 - Wet Skillz Kite Center - Greece
Wet Skillz Greece 4 - Wet Skillz Kite Center - Greece
Wet Skillz Greece 5 - Wet Skillz Kite Center - Greece

ION CLUB Fuerteventura

ION CLUB Risco Del Paso is well prepared to give you unforgettable kitesurf holidays Fuerteventura. There are no words to describe the feeling you get while kiting in Risco Del Paso. The offshore wind gives you a unique view of this magical spot, made only of sand and dune. It gives you the best disconnection ever, surrounded only by the wind sound you will find flatwater,wavesandwindallyear,making this spot unique. Theva Sandy Beach at Risco del Paso Playa offers you a perfect spot with many conditions,all in the same place. When the tide is up it creates a vast lagoon, which is used for beginner lessons, giving the students a very safe feeling. No matter your level, the conditions allow you to enjoy learning or progress in kitesurf. All these conditions make ION CLUB Risco Del Paso an ideal playground for kitesurfers.

ION CLUB Fuerteventura GAB 7611 - ION CLUB  Fuerteventura
ION CLUB Fuerteventura GAB 1073 - ION CLUB  Fuerteventura
ION CLUB Fuerteventura GAB 1161 - ION CLUB  Fuerteventura
ION CLUB Fuerteventura GAB 1738 - ION CLUB  Fuerteventura

The Action Cruise

The Action Cruise runs catamaran kite and sail adventures of 1 week to 10 days to kite, foil and wing from a sailing catamaran in some of the best and secluded spots and islands in Greece, Sardinia and the Caribbean.  The catamarans are 45 to 50 ft, with three crew members on board, with safety boat for rescue and assistance. Onboard you will have access to the latest North Kiteboarding gear, three crew members taking care of sailing, navigation, kiting assistance and food. We will take pictures with pro camera and drone videos for you. The Action Cruise offers beginner and intermediate lessons and coaching with radio communication and videos analysis, as well as downwinders to secluded kite spots. In case of no wind days, The Action Cruise also offers wake foiling training and SUPs. Safety first without forgetting adventure and exploration. 

DJI 0940 02 1 1 - The Action Cruise
DJI 0086 02 scaled - The Action Cruise
DJI 0577 Copy 01 scaled - The Action Cruise
DSC01773 02 scaled - The Action Cruise
DSC04968 01 scaled - The Action Cruise
DJI 0753 01 scaled - The Action Cruise

Free your Mind Experience – Spain

Tarifa is not only the wind Mecca of Europe, it is also one of the most stunning places to visit. Surrounded by Natural Parks, you will be able to enjoy 300 days of wind per year. Free your Mind will be a perfect choice to make the best out of your holidays! We offer kitesurfing classes and camps all year long, as well as combining it with yoga or surfing. Moreover, staying at our tropical kite villa will bring you a carefree and relaxed atmosphere with like-minded people. Check out our website or just give us a call directly, we will make sure to customize your trip to all your wishes. Come as a stranger, leave as a friend.

FyM teaching 800x533 - Free your Mind Experience - Spain
FyM kitecamp 800x533 - Free your Mind Experience - Spain
FyM surfing 800x533 - Free your Mind Experience - Spain
FyM Yoga beach 800x533 - Free your Mind Experience - Spain
FyM Apt 800x533 - Free your Mind Experience - Spain
FyM Kite Villa 800x533 - Free your Mind Experience - Spain

FeelViana – Portugal

Portugal is a dream spot for those looking for adventure holidays in Europe. FeelViana Sport Hotel located in North of Portugal’s gem, Viana do Castelo, overlooks the Cabedelo beach pinewood. FeelViana is a sustainable four star superior hotel, all made from wood and perfectly framed in the surrounding landscape.

Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Surfing, Stand up Paddleboarding, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing and Biking are all part of your day to day at FeelViana. They are at the heart of this Hotel.

We suggest several outdoor activities and lessons for all levels and ages, by sea, river, land, on the ground or blowing in the wind. These experiences are available for both hotel guests and non-resident guests. We also provide a variety of camps for all sports enthusiastics all year round: check our special offers !

Feel at home with us. We feel like you are our home.

FeelViana Portugal 1 - FeelViana - Portugal
FeelViana Portugal 2 - FeelViana - Portugal
feelviana portugal 800x478 - FeelViana - Portugal

ION Club – Various Destinations

Having fun on the water means so much more than just kite- or windsurfing. We do our best every day to make a variety of surfing sports available to you, and all have two things in common. The challenge with the elements in nature and endless fun with like-minded people. We offer kitesurfing trips in destinations within: Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Caribbean, Egypt, Mauritius, Morocco, Spain,Turkey and Greece.

Our kite and windsurf instructors are certified by IKO and VDWS, teach with professional equipment from ION, Fanatic and Duotone as well as other safety elements such as the B2B two-way radio, jet skis and lifeboats. They are always there for you, safe and reliable, in a familiar, relaxed atmosphere on site.

We are an internationally grown team all passionate about our sports, and with 35 years of valuable experience. With passion and lifestyle, individualists and characters, action and excitement, enjoyment and freedom, culture and friendship, nature and diversity, respect and sustainability, we want to celebrate and live with you for the next 30 years.

Ion club Wave Mauritius copy - ION Club - Various Destinations
Ionclub Mauritius copy - ION Club - Various Destinations
Ion club kitefoil lessons fuerte copy - ION Club - Various Destinations
Ion club kite lessons Fuerte copy - ION Club - Various Destinations
ION CLUB happy kitesurf beach girl copy 800x600 - ION Club - Various Destinations

Kite & Surf Theologos – Rhodes, Greece

Surf and Kite Theologos is located on the west coast of Rhodes, one of the largest Greek islands. This is a perfect option for a kiteboarding holiday, with 300 days of sunshine a year and consistent cross-onshore winds. Our beach is safe, with no rock hazards, and our center has ample space for launching and landing right outside.

Theologos offers perfect conditions and set-up for all levels of rider, including rescue service. The average temperature of the sparkling water is 27C, mostly flat with some days choppy and wavy. The season is from May until the end of October. Winds tend to kick in first thing in the morning, and pick up after lunchtime, ranging during season from 15 to 25 knots coming from west/south west.

On the island discover beautiful sand beaches, little picturesque villages, and the culturally rich city of Rhodes. You can also join an organised adventure to enjoy climbing, diving, or even a safari.

Fly to Rhodes airport from nearly every European destination, Surf and Kite Theologos is located just 5km from the airport. Shuttle services, rental car, scooters or ATVs are all easy to arrange.

DSC8717 800x600 - Kite & Surf Theologos - Rhodes, Greece
D5S4225 800x600 - Kite & Surf Theologos - Rhodes, Greece
Sunset 1 800x600 - Kite & Surf Theologos - Rhodes, Greece


Since 2000, the team at Planet Kitesurf have been creating exciting, flexible, tailor-made kitesurf holidays to some of the world's most remarkable destinations. Our staff have first-hand detailed knowledge of every spot. We’ve hand-picked the best accommodation and only work with the top kitesurf centers, offering the highest level of instruction and the latest equipment.

When you book with Planet you can relax in the knowledge that we have full ATOL and TTA bonding and 16+ years experience in sending happy clients on dream holidays. We understand the needs of non-kitesurfers in a group and always ensure that their needs are catered for at all times.

Our unique quick quote system means that we take the hassle out of researching and booking your next kitesurf holiday and ensures that you will always get the best possible price.

zanzibar 800x600 - PLANET KITESURF

Hang Loose Beach – Calabria, Italy

With crystal clear seas and beautiful sunsets, Hang Loose Beach is perfectly situated on the Tyrrhenian coast of the Gulf of St.Euphemia, set within the 15,000 square meters of the Gizzeria Lido beach sports park.

With consistently favorable conditions, Hang Loose is an FIV/IKO certified kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUP and sailing school and has many other sport facilities available. It offers RRD equipment available to rent or buy, storage facilities and changing rooms with hot showers. There is a recovery at sea service, transfers from the airport/station, an kids club and playground, free wi-fi and a bar and pizzeria.

HLB2019 ©mTwoMedia 0196 800x600 - Hang Loose Beach - Calabria, Italy
HLB2019 ©mTwoMedia 02003 800x600 - Hang Loose Beach - Calabria, Italy
HLB2019 ©mTwoMedia 0345 800x600 - Hang Loose Beach - Calabria, Italy
HLB2019 ©mTwoMedia 0286 800x600 - Hang Loose Beach - Calabria, Italy
HLB2019 ©mTwoMedia 2 800x600 - Hang Loose Beach - Calabria, Italy

Tornado Surf – Red Sea, Egypt

Tornado Surf is an independent water sports center in Safaga on the Red Sea in Egypt. With their ‘Kite-Boat' they run daily trips out to Soma Bay, the perfect kiteboarding spot for beginners to advanced riders, with consistently excellent wind conditions and a lot of space. The boat boasts a warm, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and lunch buffet is included.

Flexible equipment rental is available, as is a full photo service. And should the wind drop, Tornado also offer a variety of alternative activities, such as snorkelling, SUP and Wakeboarding.

Kitemag 131 600x400 1 - Tornado Surf - Red Sea, Egypt
Kitemag 071 600x400 1 - Tornado Surf - Red Sea, Egypt
Kitemag 031 600x400 1 - Tornado Surf - Red Sea, Egypt
Kitemag 101 600x400 1 - Tornado Surf - Red Sea, Egypt
Kitemag 151 600x400 1 - Tornado Surf - Red Sea, Egypt
Kitemag 111 600x400 1 - Tornado Surf - Red Sea, Egypt

Surf Club Keros – Greece

Dare to choose the road less traveled. Stay in the heart of a Natura 2000 protected ecosystem, immerse yourself in the surroundings and let the energy flow within. Spoil yourself with every amenity that modern hospitality has to offer. Enjoy the panoramic view of Keros Beach from your private veranda and stargaze into the dark night sky. Take a leisurely five-minute walk to one of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing spots in the world. Sleep close to nature, rest without compromise, and heal physically and emotionally beneath the Greek summer sun, the Meltemi trade winds and the gentle whisper of the Aegean Sea.

Surf Club Keros Greece 4 - Surf Club Keros - Greece
Surf Club Keros Greece 2 - Surf Club Keros - Greece
Surf Club Keros Greece 3 - Surf Club Keros - Greece
IMG 0394 800x533 - Surf Club Keros - Greece
109 SCK2016 20161006 800x533 - Surf Club Keros - Greece
Surf Club Keros Greece 1 - Surf Club Keros - Greece
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