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Nomad Kitesurf

Famously known as “The Tarifa of Latino America”, it’s here you can escape the crowds and mass tourism, and find yourself surrounded by rare tropical desert scenery and dusty cacti-fringed roads in lieu of mega resorts.

This spot offers breathtaking downwinders, warm water all year round, and is the perfect location for those looking for a chilled back vibe and time to sit back and enjoy the sunset.
The Baja's season is from October until the end of April. Early in the season the winds are light and pick up after lunch. In autumn, wind is pretty much guaranteed, with La Ventana benefiting from the reliable El Norte winds, giving an ample 16-25 knots. Then from January there can be some strong side-onshore wind, allowing for some fun wave action!
This location has the perfect conditions to learn kiteboarding. Professional kiters and founders of Nomad Kitesurf, José Hita and Jessika Macotela, offer the latest gear and dedicate themselves to deliver you the best coaching, helping you reach your goals!

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Free your Mind Experience – Spain

Tarifa is not only the wind Mecca of Europe, it is also one of the most stunning places to visit. Surrounded by Natural Parks, you will be able to enjoy 300 days of wind per year. Free your Mind will be a perfect choice to make the best out of your holidays! We offer kitesurfing classes and camps all year long, as well as combining it with yoga or surfing. Moreover, staying at our tropical kite villa will bring you a carefree and relaxed atmosphere with like-minded people. Check out our website or just give us a call directly, we will make sure to customize your trip to all your wishes. Come as a stranger, leave as a friend.

FyM teaching 800x533 - Free your Mind Experience - Spain
FyM kitecamp 800x533 - Free your Mind Experience - Spain
FyM surfing 800x533 - Free your Mind Experience - Spain
FyM Yoga beach 800x533 - Free your Mind Experience - Spain
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FyM Kite Villa 800x533 - Free your Mind Experience - Spain

Mello Kiteboarding at Villa Esencia

One of the worlds best places for gentle Kiteboarding.
Gentle winds – shallow sea – warm waters – safe and secure – long wide beach – low density of kiters. Great for the whole family – kiters and non-kiters alike. Safe for kids.
We are especially set up for kiters – loaner boards (from small to Doors), compressed air on the beach, self-launch and landing posts, kite storage.
And on those low wind days we have stand-up-paddle boards, ocean kayaks, snorkel gear

Serene – Natural – Vital

The environment is lush and natural yet in a high-end environment. We are a low-density resort with only 11 rental units. Our suites are all first class with full amenities, from studio’s to 3 bedrooms. Long Bay is the quiet side of the island, yet just 5 minutes away is Grace Bay with shopping, restaurants. 

Untitled 6 800x600 - Mello Kiteboarding at Villa Esencia
Untitled 5 800x600 - Mello Kiteboarding at Villa Esencia
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Untitled 7 800x600 - Mello Kiteboarding at Villa Esencia

FeelViana – Portugal

Portugal is a dream spot for those looking for adventure holidays in Europe. FeelViana Sport Hotel located in North of Portugal’s gem, Viana do Castelo, overlooks the Cabedelo beach pinewood. FeelViana is a sustainable four star superior hotel, all made from wood and perfectly framed in the surrounding landscape.

Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Surfing, Stand up Paddleboarding, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing and Biking are all part of your day to day at FeelViana. They are at the heart of this Hotel.

We suggest several outdoor activities and lessons for all levels and ages, by sea, river, land, on the ground or blowing in the wind. These experiences are available for both hotel guests and non-resident guests. We also provide a variety of camps for all sports enthusiastics all year round: check our special offers !

Feel at home with us. We feel like you are our home.

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The original Panama Kitesurfing Cruise exploring the San Blas Islands, a world class kitesurfing destination, with hundreds of uninhabited islands. Cruise in style and comfort aboard a 52ft performance catamaran. This all inclusive kite adventure boat offers the best way to experience the remote tropical island paradise and Kuna indigenous culture. Warm water, with no mass tourism and no kite crowds – a paradise trip destination.

Guiding kitesurfing cruises for 9 years now, the expert crew of Greenflash will ensure you enjoy the best spots at the perfect time. Blue lagoons, remote and virgin spots, flat water, miles of sand bars, chop, waves and downwinders. There are beach, boat and tender launch options, with shallow water access taking you to kite playgrounds where no other boats venture! Mid December to mid April is the best time to visit, with strongest trade winds from January through March.

The boat has three guest cabins with private bathrooms, and trips include drinks and snacks in addition to three healthy meals daily. Freshly caught seafood is of course a speciality.  All equipment is included to enjoy snokelling, SUP and spear fishing.


High Five & The Mystic House – Cape Town

Your ultimate kitesurf destination, right at the beachfront in Cape Town.

High Five Kitesurfschool is the best and most fun kitesurfschool in Cape Town and Langebaan. The only IKO Pro Center around Cape Town, with 20 years of local knowledge. We teach in small groups (private kitesurf lessons or max 2 people per instructor) in the best locations with flat water (Langebaan lagoon). English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian speaking IKO kite board instructors.

If you’re an advanced kitesurfer or pro, join us for epic downwinders or sunset sessions in front of the Mystic House. There will always be a group of like-minded kiters to share your experience with. Join our WOO leaderboard and share the ocean with our friends and Mystic team riders. Pro clinics available.

The Mystic House is your place to stay when you love watersports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, surfing and SUP.
Here’s some reasons to stay…the best kitesurf spot in the world, on our doorstep; kitesurf, surf and SUP lessons and rentals with our High Five Kitesurfschool; storage for your gear, Friday braaiday (BBQ night); Kite and surf trips to other awesome spots; paragliding, skydiving, wakeboarding, etc. 

2I8A0612 Edit romantsovaphoto 800x600 - High Five & The Mystic House - Cape Town
3G1A5925 800x600 - High Five & The Mystic House - Cape Town
2I8A0443 romantsovaphoto 800x600 - High Five & The Mystic House - Cape Town
2I8A0653 Edit romantsovaphoto 800x600 - High Five & The Mystic House - Cape Town
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2I8A9649 romantsovaphoto 800x600 - High Five & The Mystic House - Cape Town

Dakhla Evasion – Morroco

Dakhla Evasion brings you an incredible kitesurfing spot. Go kitesurfing, windsurfing and so much more in Dakhla’s dream setting.

The constant year round wind conjures up magic blowing, so whether you’re new to kitesurfing in Dakhla or an addict, don’t miss out! There are spots for all abilities and tastes from the fantastic lagoon to the nearby Atlantic Ocean packed with incredible wave spots. The Dakhla Evasion team provides introductory and advanced courses in one of the world’s best spots, organises weekly downwind sessions and excursions to ride the ocean’s waves.

The Dakhla Evasion hotel lies between the sea and desert on the lagoon, sheltered from the wind by the sand dunes it stands on.We provide a range of services and facilities so you can make the most of your kitesurfing break in Dakhla in Morocco. Our hotel lies in a spectacular setting with 32 bungalows which fit into the environment perfectly, located on the lagoon and. Your kitesurfing stay is all-inclusive and full-board. All our bungalows have quality bedding, duvets, pillows and towels to provide you with the ultimate in comfort.

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ION Club – Various Destinations

Having fun on the water means so much more than just kite- or windsurfing. We do our best every day to make a variety of surfing sports available to you, and all have two things in common. The challenge with the elements in nature and endless fun with like-minded people. We offer kitesurfing trips in destinations within: Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Caribbean, Egypt, Mauritius, Morocco, Spain,Turkey and Greece.

Our kite and windsurf instructors are certified by IKO and VDWS, teach with professional equipment from ION, Fanatic and Duotone as well as other safety elements such as the B2B two-way radio, jet skis and lifeboats. They are always there for you, safe and reliable, in a familiar, relaxed atmosphere on site.

We are an internationally grown team all passionate about our sports, and with 35 years of valuable experience. With passion and lifestyle, individualists and characters, action and excitement, enjoyment and freedom, culture and friendship, nature and diversity, respect and sustainability, we want to celebrate and live with you for the next 30 years.

Ion club Wave Mauritius copy - ION Club - Various Destinations
Ionclub Mauritius copy - ION Club - Various Destinations
Ion club kitefoil lessons fuerte copy - ION Club - Various Destinations
Ion club kite lessons Fuerte copy - ION Club - Various Destinations
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Kitesurfing Lanka – Sri Lanka

Kitesurfing + Sri Lanka = Kitesurfing Lanka, a chilled-out and friendly oasis where, once you enter, you tend to forget the worries of the world. With a kitespot at our doorstep, plenty of palm trees, and happy people at the bar, Kitesurfing Lanka is the perfect getaway for an epic kitesurfing holiday. You might never want to leave!

We offer several accommodation options – from bungalows, to villas to glamping tents. We offer kitesurfing lessons – from beginner courses to advanced coaching, kite trips, a kite shop, kite repair and also offer kite rentals. We can arrange bike and motorcycle rentals or sightseeing trips for you. You can also indulge in a massage, yoga class or explore the lagoon by kayak or SUP, and in winter there are dolphin and whale watching tours too. 

When establishing Kitesurfing Lanka we wanted to make a difference. We have been able to positively change a sleepy little fishing village and create a new industry in Sri Lanka, giving hope and jobs to those who had none. Our philosophy is simple: kitesurfing, great hospitality, sustainability and community. Join us for an epic kitesurfing holiday while making a difference.

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Kitesurf Roatan & Camp Bay Lodge – Honduras

Tucked in the far western part of the Caribbean, Roatan – one of the Bay Islands of Honduras – boasts authentic charm and unspoiled nature. Our hotel Camp Bay Lodge is ideally located in front of the main kitespot – a beautiful white sand beach surrounded by crystal clear waters and lush green hills. The reef system enclosing the island attracts scuba divers from all around the world. The Caribbean Trade Winds spoil us with consistent winds from December till September. However, the most reliable period is from February till the end of August. Ideal for foiling, cruising, bump and jump. You’ll find flat waters and waves. Kitesurf Roatan  provides beach & rescue service, storage boxes, beginner to advanced lessons, rental gear from Core Kiteboarding and a small shop and repair service. Take it easy and launch right here, or join unforgettable boat excursions and downwinders to the best spots around.

The modern history of Roatan has resulted in a blend of Caribbean & Latin culture & cuisine. Our onsite restaurant provides fresh & healthy locally inspired food. Daily yoga sessions & massage treatments combined with the slow pace make this a perfect get away for nature lovers, soul seekers and explorers.

CBL Arial 00056 800x600 - Kitesurf Roatan & Camp Bay Lodge - Honduras
Camp Bay Beach 800x600 - Kitesurf Roatan & Camp Bay Lodge - Honduras
DJI 0103 800x600 - Kitesurf Roatan & Camp Bay Lodge - Honduras
Hotel Camp Bay Lodge 1 800x600 - Kitesurf Roatan & Camp Bay Lodge - Honduras
IMG 9011 800x600 - Kitesurf Roatan & Camp Bay Lodge - Honduras
Kitesurf Room 7161 800x600 - Kitesurf Roatan & Camp Bay Lodge - Honduras

Uncharted Kitesurfing – Grenadines

Uncharted Kitesurfing is for the adventurous, the explorers, the pirate minded and mostly for the people who just love kitesurfing. Our catamaran is the largest offering cruises in the stunning Grenadines, and the only one offering trips in the British Virgin Islands as well. To set sail means leaving land behind, while your new private home floats from one turquoise lagoon to the next. The steady trade winds and butter flat waters of the Caribbean make for epic kitesurf sessions from sun up to sun down.

Our fully equipped and beautifully appointed sailing catamaran will feel like home, but one that is unbound by any borders or roads. We sail to secluded beaches and anchor in quiet coves. The crew takes care of your needs so you can get out on the water as much as you want. Progression assured on these trips. Booking the boat for your family and friends, or joining a shared trip and embarking on this adventure with fellow kitesurf enthusiasts, taking lessons or renting gear: everything is possible. Freestyle and foiling addicts rest assured: you will get your fill. We, the crew, can't wait to get out there with you.

vivo drone from above with beach 800x600 - Uncharted Kitesurfing - Grenadines
Tobago Cays view from hill 800x600 - Uncharted Kitesurfing - Grenadines
Happy Island bar 800x600 - Uncharted Kitesurfing - Grenadines
IMG 7619 800x600 - Uncharted Kitesurfing - Grenadines
Local rider jump 800x600 - Uncharted Kitesurfing - Grenadines

Kite & Surf Theologos – Rhodes, Greece

Surf and Kite Theologos is located on the west coast of Rhodes, one of the largest Greek islands. This is a perfect option for a kiteboarding holiday, with 300 days of sunshine a year and consistent cross-onshore winds. Our beach is safe, with no rock hazards, and our center has ample space for launching and landing right outside.

Theologos offers perfect conditions and set-up for all levels of rider, including rescue service. The average temperature of the sparkling water is 27C, mostly flat with some days choppy and wavy. The season is from May until the end of October. Winds tend to kick in first thing in the morning, and pick up after lunchtime, ranging during season from 15 to 25 knots coming from west/south west.

On the island discover beautiful sand beaches, little picturesque villages, and the culturally rich city of Rhodes. You can also join an organised adventure to enjoy climbing, diving, or even a safari.

Fly to Rhodes airport from nearly every European destination, Surf and Kite Theologos is located just 5km from the airport. Shuttle services, rental car, scooters or ATVs are all easy to arrange.

Drohne Anlage Beach 800x600 - Kite & Surf Theologos - Rhodes, Greece
D5S4225 800x600 - Kite & Surf Theologos - Rhodes, Greece
DSC8717 800x600 - Kite & Surf Theologos - Rhodes, Greece
DSC07524 800x600 - Kite & Surf Theologos - Rhodes, Greece
Sunset 1 800x600 - Kite & Surf Theologos - Rhodes, Greece

Big Blue Collective – Turks & Caicos Islands

Big Blue Collective is the Turks and Caicos Islands’ premier kiteboarding instruction, watersports adventure and eco-tour outfit. Experience the joy of learning and riding under the supervision of our professional multilingual instructors and guides in a truly world class destination.  Year round trade winds coupled with waist deep water and the latest gear make this kiteboarder’s dream a reality. Kiters love the options and conditions to progress their skill sets, and discovering all the kite terrain out there waiting, from the flats of the mangroves, to downwinders and winter wave riding sessions. 

With almost 25 years of experience, Big Blue Collective is unrivalled in its depth and scope in terms of tours, terrain and sound eco philosophy. The sheer obsessiveness and steadfast application of small groups and education makes for some truly wonderful experiences on, in or under the water. Paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving or kiteboarding are simply used as different ways to experience the natural splendour of these turquoise islands. So even if the wind is down or friends and family that don’t kite, you’ll have plenty of amazing options to chose from. #escapetheordinary

tkg 1 800x600 - Big Blue Collective - Turks & Caicos Islands
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