KBC Dakhla

If you want an intensive kite holiday with lots of time on the water and an accompanying sports program, you will find everything you need in one place at KBC Dakhla. The fully equipped watersports centre is on a wide sandy beach in the north of the lagoon. Right behind it, discreetly integrated into the hilly landscape, you will find the modern hotel complex Dakhla Club Hotel & Spa with swimming pool, fitness, mountain biking, wellness, yoga, and tasteful bungalows overlooking the lagoon. Strengthened by the breakfast buffet, you can reach the centre via a footpath in two minutes and will be greeted by our friendly team. The large sun terrace with deck chairs is the centre of the school, behind it the reception, the wonderful shop and rental, and the beach bar serving delicious snacks and cool drinks. There is guest storage, as well as showers and toilets.

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Dakhla Surf Hotels

If the sound of 300+ days of wind guaranteed on an outstanding blue lagoon as if it were architecturally designed as a playground for watermen and women alike doesn’t sell it, perhaps the welcoming warmth of the Moroccan sun, ancient culture and tranquillity might. Experience what nature has to offer, as you ride alongside flamingos and dolphins surrounded by desert sand. This 45 km long stretch of lagoon runs parallel to the Atlantic ocean, providing perfect and never ending kitesurf conditions. For an out of this world experience, Dakhla is easily accessible, only a few hours flight from Europe. 

Dakhla Surf Hotels offers a choice of 5 hotels for the best surf spots in Dakhla – Dakhla Attitude, Westpoint, Lagoon Energy and PK25. 

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Ocean Vagabond – Dakhla

Dakhla Lassarga is the link between the Atlantic Ocean and the lagoon. The unique location means riders have benefits from the windy lagoon and magic waves ocean side. Experts to beginners have the versatility to choose the conditions they want to experience and this desert oasis is only 25 minutes from Dakhla town and airport.

Ocean Vagabond’s Surf Camp is located right on the beach, offering rentals, tuition and an onsite bar and restaurant. For kiters who want to improve their strapless wave riding, one of the longest clean waves in Morocco can be found here, while beginners have the perfect opportunity to get to grips with things in the flat water lagoon side. Exo lodges and simple beach accommodation with fabulous sea views are just meters away from the water – a perfect nature retreat. 

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Dakhla Evasion – Morroco

Dakhla Evasion brings you an incredible kitesurfing spot. Go kitesurfing, windsurfing and so much more in Dakhla’s dream setting.

The constant year round wind conjures up magic blowing, so whether you’re new to kitesurfing in Dakhla or an addict, don’t miss out! There are spots for all abilities and tastes from the fantastic lagoon to the nearby Atlantic Ocean packed with incredible wave spots. The Dakhla Evasion team provides introductory and advanced courses in one of the world’s best spots, organises weekly downwind sessions and excursions to ride the ocean’s waves.

The Dakhla Evasion hotel lies between the sea and desert on the lagoon, sheltered from the wind by the sand dunes it stands on.We provide a range of services and facilities so you can make the most of your kitesurfing break in Dakhla in Morocco. Our hotel lies in a spectacular setting with 32 bungalows which fit into the environment perfectly, located on the lagoon and. Your kitesurfing stay is all-inclusive and full-board. All our bungalows have quality bedding, duvets, pillows and towels to provide you with the ultimate in comfort.

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ION Club – Various Destinations

Having fun on the water means so much more than just kite- or windsurfing. We do our best every day to make a variety of surfing sports available to you, and all have two things in common. The challenge with the elements in nature and endless fun with like-minded people. We offer kitesurfing trips in destinations within: Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Caribbean, Egypt, Mauritius, Morocco, Spain,Turkey and Greece.

Our kite and windsurf instructors are certified by IKO and VDWS, teach with professional equipment from ION, Fanatic and Duotone as well as other safety elements such as the B2B two-way radio, jet skis and lifeboats. They are always there for you, safe and reliable, in a familiar, relaxed atmosphere on site.

We are an internationally grown team all passionate about our sports, and with 35 years of valuable experience. With passion and lifestyle, individualists and characters, action and excitement, enjoyment and freedom, culture and friendship, nature and diversity, respect and sustainability, we want to celebrate and live with you for the next 30 years.

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RIHFLY DAKHLA Sport Center is on Dragon Beach at a spot called the ‘Point of the Dragon' in Dakhla's lagoon. It's open all year round offering kitesurfing lessons, material rental, repair workshop, surf shop and many kitesurfing activities and excursions.

Our main spot is a small lagoon inside Dakhla's bay that ends at the Dragon Island, big enough for everybody to learn, try some new tricks and have fun.

Dakhla is well known for its constant and steady wind that blows over 300 days per year. All the instructors are IKO certified monitors and the sport center works with the latest Cabrinha material and NP accessories. RIHFLY DAKHLA Sport Center is the best option to spend the best WIND HOLIDAYS ever. JOIN US!


EXPLORA Watersports – Dakhla & Essaouira, Morroco

www.explorawatersports.comWe are a family run business that is lucky to have two main destinations in Morocco – Essaouira and Tarifa. We have been running for 10 years, and every year we look at ways we can be better than the last year in terms of our guests' experiences and the services we offer. We have new equipment every year and partner with Duotone and Peter Lynn kiteboarding

We offer lessons, rental and storage at our beach side centres. Our popular choice of packages and holidays include your accommodation and transfers from the airport as well as your kite, surf or windsurfing. We also run fixed kite and surf camps or clinics throughout the year as well. To ensure you make the most out of your holiday with us, we are focused on making sure you get the most out of your time on and off the water. Languages spoken by staff include: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian.

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