Kitesurfing holidays in North America

Home to an insane range of conditions, kitesurfing in North America is guaranteed to provide something for everyone. From world renowned spots like Hood River and Hatteras to a thousand other perfectly set up beaches. Aside from the kiting there are of course plenty of options for activities off the water: it’s America!

Nomad Kitesurf

Famously known as “The Tarifa of Latino America”, it’s here you can escape the crowds and mass tourism, and find yourself surrounded by rare tropical desert scenery and dusty cacti-fringed roads in lieu of mega resorts.

This spot offers breathtaking downwinders, warm water all year round, and is the perfect location for those looking for a chilled back vibe and time to sit back and enjoy the sunset.
The Baja's season is from October until the end of April. Early in the season the winds are light and pick up after lunch. In autumn, wind is pretty much guaranteed, with La Ventana benefiting from the reliable El Norte winds, giving an ample 16-25 knots. Then from January there can be some strong side-onshore wind, allowing for some fun wave action!
This location has the perfect conditions to learn kiteboarding. Professional kiters and founders of Nomad Kitesurf, José Hita and Jessika Macotela, offer the latest gear and dedicate themselves to deliver you the best coaching, helping you reach your goals!

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ION Club – Various Destinations

Having fun on the water means so much more than just kite- or windsurfing. We do our best every day to make a variety of surfing sports available to you, and all have two things in common. The challenge with the elements in nature and endless fun with like-minded people. We offer kitesurfing trips in destinations within: Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Caribbean, Egypt, Mauritius, Morocco, Spain,Turkey and Greece.

Our kite and windsurf instructors are certified by IKO and VDWS, teach with professional equipment from ION, Fanatic and Duotone as well as other safety elements such as the B2B two-way radio, jet skis and lifeboats. They are always there for you, safe and reliable, in a familiar, relaxed atmosphere on site.

We are an internationally grown team all passionate about our sports, and with 35 years of valuable experience. With passion and lifestyle, individualists and characters, action and excitement, enjoyment and freedom, culture and friendship, nature and diversity, respect and sustainability, we want to celebrate and live with you for the next 30 years.

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Ionclub Mauritius copy - ION Club - Various Destinations
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Ion club kite lessons Fuerte copy - ION Club - Various Destinations
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Kitesurf Roatan & Camp Bay Lodge – Honduras

Tucked in the far western part of the Caribbean, Roatan – one of the Bay Islands of Honduras – boasts authentic charm and unspoiled nature. Our hotel Camp Bay Lodge is ideally located in front of the main kitespot – a beautiful white sand beach surrounded by crystal clear waters and lush green hills. The reef system enclosing the island attracts scuba divers from all around the world. The Caribbean Trade Winds spoil us with consistent winds from December till September. However, the most reliable period is from February till the end of August. Ideal for foiling, cruising, bump and jump. You’ll find flat waters and waves. Kitesurf Roatan  provides beach & rescue service, storage boxes, beginner to advanced lessons, rental gear from Core Kiteboarding and a small shop and repair service. Take it easy and launch right here, or join unforgettable boat excursions and downwinders to the best spots around.

The modern history of Roatan has resulted in a blend of Caribbean & Latin culture & cuisine. Our onsite restaurant provides fresh & healthy locally inspired food. Daily yoga sessions & massage treatments combined with the slow pace make this a perfect get away for nature lovers, soul seekers and explorers.

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Big Blue Collective – Turks & Caicos Islands

Big Blue Collective is the Turks and Caicos Islands’ premier kiteboarding instruction, watersports adventure and eco-tour outfit. Experience the joy of learning and riding under the supervision of our professional multilingual instructors and guides in a truly world class destination.  Year round trade winds coupled with waist deep water and the latest gear make this kiteboarder’s dream a reality. Kiters love the options and conditions to progress their skill sets, and discovering all the kite terrain out there waiting, from the flats of the mangroves, to downwinders and winter wave riding sessions. 

With almost 25 years of experience, Big Blue Collective is unrivalled in its depth and scope in terms of tours, terrain and sound eco philosophy. The sheer obsessiveness and steadfast application of small groups and education makes for some truly wonderful experiences on, in or under the water. Paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving or kiteboarding are simply used as different ways to experience the natural splendour of these turquoise islands. So even if the wind is down or friends and family that don’t kite, you’ll have plenty of amazing options to chose from. #escapetheordinary

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